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for What it Means to be a Master of Death

2/23 c3 4RedOuroboros
good story
2/27/2019 c3 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
1/14/2019 c3 28917brat
I would so love to read more of this and honestly hope that you decide to update this again soon because so far it sounds really amazing.
1/13/2019 c3 4Seithr-Kairy
are you sure this story is yours? or are you another plagiarist run wild?

I know for a fact that another story of "yours" is in fact, another author's story that had been deleted years ago.. the story about fem!harry got time-based curses n had to married over n over to zenjous and to einzbern in the end... even the part about adopting sakura was the exact same!

yeah right.. unless that author's change HER name to james-something, this means you are at least GUILTY on plagiarising ONE story, and therefore any other story under this author are automatically suspects of being another PLAGIARIZED STORIES
1/12/2019 c3 One Happy Birb
Will this still continue or it is as the one written in bold at the very first chapter being discontinued, shame this is a good read and a good fic, it's saddening to know another wonderfully written story is stucked in limbo for all eternity.
1/12/2019 c3
Interesante historia espero ver como se irá desarrollando en los próximos capítulos.
Ya quiero ver cuales serán los servant's de Sakura, Rin y Shirou. Por favor que los tres esten en una relación.
1/12/2019 c2 4hnh058513
Well the round table can be used to summon other classes
1/12/2019 c1 46Hikari Nova
...question: why make stories when not even a day after they are posted you discontinue them?
1/12/2019 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Simple, but interesting story, especially since there isn't any betrayal thing outside of an hard and logical look to the wizarding world. Curious to see if you will do more, keep up the good work and happy new year.

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