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for Two and a half pirates in UA

2/16/2022 c6 Death the Girl 1107
Mihawk here reminds me a bit of Reborn and Uraraka and Aoyama are like Tsuna and Dino. Except more competent. Also, less Terrified of their teacher. Actually... They'll probably learn to fear him if they don't already. Also, Mihawk is a bit nicer it seems but he's close enough to be compared to Reborn.
2/7/2022 c7 Risa
Its gonna stay up for us to reread whats already here at least right?...cause its been fun to reread at times and i really wanna reread it again sometime later on.
2/6/2022 c2 grimmouse197
Not a huge fan of the script style... Seriously this is probably going to turn so many people away when it comes to reading this fic.
10/17/2021 c6 Anonymous
7/30/2021 c6 wantan soup
yooo imagine if this two changes the rule like, instead using number like number 1 hero they to rank like S,A,B,C,D
6/11/2021 c6 Guest
I loved this so much make more please
2/8/2021 c1 Guest
1/11/2021 c6 dartan2001
I'm waiting for the sequel. This story is a masterpiece, so good story I haven't seen in a very long time 10/10
12/3/2020 c6 Kratos9211
When will the new chapter arrive?
10/25/2020 c6 Guest
Lmaooo this is amazing
10/9/2020 c6 Mystery56
Good story hope ye continue update
6/14/2020 c6 Guest
Please update this is really good.
6/4/2020 c6 Guest
Please continue this it's to good
4/27/2020 c6 Guest
La suite pls
3/24/2020 c1 NamNamBolle
Fun story, wish you'd continue
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