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10/12/2021 c22 5GrimGravy
Now *this* is the type of content I want to read! Incognito mission, teamwork, and Rainbow Operators doing what they do best. I dare say this chapter is more about Jackal than Valkyrie, judging by how much characterization you've given him. I mean, he always struck me as an experienced cop who can be quite scary when hunting down VIPs, but extracting info from a woman by threatening to kill her is on a whole other level for me - downright sinister even, when he mentioned her son. Good to know it was all a ruse on his part.

The jokes could use some toning down a bit, in my opinion. It was fine the first time when Meghan and co. joked about each other's appearance; I saw it as a moment of levity before they proceeded to the mission. Caveira's quip after he stabbed the target's hand is rather cruel, but I suppose it fits her personality. Meh, ultimately these little gripes are irrelevant to the story. All in all, this was a fun read! Since we're done with Jackal and Mira, should we expect Ying and Lesion next? Or maybe Zofia and Ela, and give them the "Season" spotlight they never received in Year Two? :p

As always, looking forward to the next chapter! All the best.

- GG
5/27/2021 c20 GrimGravy
It's always good to see this story being updated. :)

The chapter is mostly a setup for the Team's mission against the Yakuza, so it makes sense there's little that Valk could do here, aside from the bits where she's socializing. I'm interested in what will happen during the mission itself, though, and what role she'll play on it. Also curious why the Yakuza are hoarding water for some reason lol.

I really think you should depict this mission on the next chapter. But if you feel like you can't write action sequences well, then maybe you can have Valkyrie (since she's the POV character) play a more passive role instead, like watching cameras and directing the team off-site. That way, she'll still be involved in the mission, but not necessarily be in the thick of it either.

2/3/2021 c19 GrimGravy
Okay, now this one is quite a contrast to the previous chapter. It's quite curious to see Meghan's nightmare to be about her hubby rather than, say, a mission gone wrong or something horrible she saw in a battle. On the one hand this makes her seem resilient as an Operator (i.e. combat trauma doesn't affect her as much as she should), but on the other hand the nightmare sheds a bit more light about her personal anxieties/fears.

This is a rather interesting read, though since you said this is an interlude, I wonder how this nightmare will be used in the very next chapter. Her nightmare is rather vivid, I must say, that some points remind me about Alan Wake for some reason lol.

Keep up the good work bro!
10/10/2020 c18 GrimGravy
Wow, just... wow. Nice surprise to see my character's name in there lol! I have to say I'm quite flattered by his inclusion; you protrayed Ethan quite close to how I show him in my stories. I guess I should be writing happier scenes with him and Twitch from here on out then? :p

Anyway, this chapter is quite cute! It's always nice to see the Operators having some R-and-R, though this is actually one of the few stories out there where I see them in a sort-of formal party. The interactions between Valk and Cav are interesting, as I think they're gonna lead to some big things for your story in the future. You did mention João after all, so are we gonna expect to see the Bolivia mission anytime soon? Looking forward to it if that's the case.

Also, you reworked your story quite a bit eh? Welp, gonna have to re-read the whole thing once I have more free time. Cheers!
10/6/2020 c18 NowThatsAGamer
This is what we gamers call: Pogchamp
10/6/2020 c18 4doctor.denver
Finally! I will now read this :)
10/2/2020 c17 doctor.denver
One year since the last update... :(
9/14/2020 c17 i will rape you
update maybe pls daddy
8/3/2020 c2 thatrandomaustrian
Yep sounds like school!
10/3/2019 c17 5GrimGravy
Oh boy, some action! It’s pretty neat that Twitch used her drone to warn the hostages; I suppose the LEDs could also be used to form letters on them? I also like how you portrayed each of the Operators, as your rendition is still pretty close to the lore. The action scenes are alright, but I think some bits of the Team’s chatter could still be trimmed down to make them more concise.

Anyway, I do hope we get to see the “orientation” that Sledge alluded to, as there’s much room for antics and interactions on that front. I think Meghan’s foray into Rainbow was only done halfway: she should interact the Operators in their downtime, as their behavior is different when out in the field. More importantly though, I’m curious to see how her family and David will fit in all of this, now that Meghan’s working in a blacker-than-black spec ops unit.

Looking forward to read more. Cheers! :)
8/18/2019 c16 GrimGravy
And so it begins! This is great stuff man. :)

Love the fact that even Valkyrie thinks that Blackbeard's gadget is kinda wack. David's gonna be a lucky guy too, but now that you've brought up the whole marriage thing, why do I have a feeling that something bad is gonna happen next?

Anyway, the scene with the name-choosing is a bit weird to me. I've always thought that the Operators' nicknames/codenames were their nom de guerre before they joined Rainbow. Kinda how Yumiko got the nickname "Hibana" because of she developed a fondness for explosives when she was still at the Police Academy. Still, your scene does gives a nice backgrounder as to why Meghan chose "Valkyrie". Despite everything she's been through, she still holds her dad very dear, and it's quite cute to have that part of her character remain consistent throughout these chapters.

I'm looking forward to read your rendition of her debut in Hereford. It's gonna be hilarious if she found out that Ela's already there lol.
8/17/2019 c16 NowThatsAGamer
Even when faced with incredible odds, Blackbeard will defend his shield until the end of time. Excellent chapter.
7/31/2019 c12 1Shifty830
Out of all the Valkyrie stories I've read this is by far my favorite. What truly grabbed my attention though were this and chapter 11 showing a somewhat different side of the character, and you have me hoping that her and Davids relationship somehow lasts anyway keep up tge good work
6/29/2019 c14 NowThatsAGamer
I always appreciate a story where Blackbeard isn't some hollow and cliche character. Well done, my good sir. Hope to see another chapter soon!
6/27/2019 c14 5GrimGravy
Golly! The tidbits of BUD/S you showed here described perfectly yet succinctly how terrible it must had been for Valkyrie. The part about sand and saltwater got my attention; she must had been crawling *really* low to have had a mouthful of those. And the bit about her muscles tearing and ripping really illustrated how determined she was to pass Selection.

However, I must say that I think it's a bit unfair that she had some help with Finka's bots, regardless of the General Secretary's reasons, simply because the rest of the trainees didn't have them. Without the nanides, Valkyrie could've shown that a woman could pass SEAL training, and that she was every bit as tough as the male trainees, especially since half of them didn't even make it to Stage One. But I suppose this plot point will be further explored...

It's also nice to see Blackbeard make an appearance, and being flustered about Valkyrie and all. He really reminds me of Patrick from Zero Dark Thirty- the quintessential, bearded SEAL who was a bit awkward when a lady suddenly tagged along. As an aside: having Blackbeard use a DMR really shows that the community does not like his AR lol.

All in all, this was a good chapter but I think this particular story arc is not yet over. I assume the next bit involves an introduction to Team Rainbow (or whoever is that "Some government team..." you alluded to near the end)?

All the best!
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