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5/5 c34 Guest
Wow seeing Seth using Sam's authority against Leah after everything he's done, yikes, when did that leap happen. I love Jacob and Leahs slow burning relationship growth the kitchen conversation was cute!
4/30 c35 SF
Great chapter.
4/30 c35 3PastOneonta
This was good! Riveting! The thrill of the chase. The urgency of the hunt. The wolves communicating and changing course and tactic to get to Victoria. Occasionally not communicating when the thoughts of a wolf conflict with what the Pack needs to focus on. Shifting directions and changing strategy in the moment. Then catching a scent of all the Cullens. Shut down by the treaty on one side of the line and the Cullens on the other side of the line. Shut down by Jasper. That was excellent. We don’t really know how the wolves handle his ‘gift’. This fit perfectly. They mellowed and ceased the attack. And in the end, both sides lost Victoria when she swam on the wolves side of the line. She is tricky. I wonder now if she knew that Bella was away and decided to have fun regardless. I wonder how the Pack will debrief and what they will think of Sam’s guidance, the treaty and the Cullens.

Thanks for another fantastic chapter!
4/26 c35 brankel1
4/26 c35 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
4/26 c35 91scifiromance
Well, Victoria won out there! Brilliant chapter!
4/25 c35 1Babaksmiles
That was intense! Loved it!
4/24 c35 3CatTheWall
That was intense to read! I can’t wait to see leahs reaction to all of this happening! Uggg it’s so weird not having her as a wolf! Love the update!
4/24 c35 5paranoidbychoice
oh bih I can't wait for the show down between Jacob and Bella about this shit, and when Leah finds out they used her family as bait *dead*
4/24 c35 37Aunt Bran
I am truly addicted to this :) Thanks for the update. Perfect as always!
4/17 c30 20thespeedfxrce
Renaissance’s potential existence in this AU keeps me up at night
4/17 c29 thespeedfxrce
Angst, a sprinkle more of romance, plus Leah phasing and kicking Sam’s ass would be the greatest fan service to have ever been serviced.
4/17 c28 thespeedfxrce
“I like strong women” - the Bella simp
4/16 c26 thespeedfxrce
I hate that a lot of times... I can’t hate Edward. He’s so insufferable but people are so good at making him interesting to keep around. Wherever Edward is, juicy drama is bound to follow. Such a damn shame he’s a creep.
4/16 c25 thespeedfxrce
Leah thinking about how shifting would make the boys listen to her :( and not make them big jerks who don’t understand women :( we love the pack but we’re also feminists in this house!
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