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7/28 c26 Nakitajean
When will the next boo be up?
7/20 c25 Momochan77
I’m definitely interested to see where this goes. Like is Rose gonna go with Han and hang around Japan for a while? Will she be there when Deckerd shows up to kill Han? Or will she do something else? Either way I’m excited! See you next update!
7/19 c25 TWD
I can’t wait to see what happens with next!
7/5 c24 Momochan77
I’m definitely curious to see how things develop next with Rosalie back but her memories still missing. See you next update!
6/20 c23 harryginny9
Amazing story love it. Rosalie and deckard should end up together. Owen and hers sibling bond is amazing too. Hopefully they overcome everything. Looking forward to next update. Thanks you
6/16 c23 4FlowerChild23
Wow. That is sad.
6/13 c23 1twibe
No please make her forgive deckard I really want a deckard romance!
6/13 c23 Momochan77
I’m excited to see how they kick his ass with Rose onboard! See you next update!
6/9 c22 Momochan77
Ooh is Rose starting to remember? See you next update!
5/18 c21 X Blue Eyed Demon X
Love it!
5/18 c21 Momochan77
Ooh another confrontation! But now it’s Owen! I’m curious to see how things shake up with this! See you next update!
5/17 c20 X Blue Eyed Demon X
Love it!
5/12 c20 Daisy54154
I am so ready to see what happens next with Rosalie.
5/11 c20 kayleeh
Love this but love to see her with shaws maybe Owen sending her to Deckard instead of going to Spain and her teaming up with him going after them when Owen injuries but starts having flashbacks would be cool it yor story and loving what you have done so far looking forward to the next update
5/10 c20 twibe
Aw I love this, but I still don't want her to leave Shaw, at least not the older Shaw, I like them
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