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9/10/2020 c27 Alexstarlight18
I think altered would make sense because she went through changes and is not the same person she was in the beginning.
9/7/2020 c27 CatGal1701
Also I really love this book. I love how she’s with deckard. They seemed like a good match. Loved it all!
9/7/2020 c27 CatGal1701
I like Altered. It’s like everything has changed for her again. Like she’s gotta get used to her new reality.
9/7/2020 c27 Momochan77
If it’s gonna be the final book you could call it “The Finish Line.” Or “The Final Quarter Mile.” “Home At Last.” Is another option. Heck you could even call it “Fast and Furious: The True Return of Rosalie Toretto.” Ultimately, it’s up to you.
9/7/2020 c27 HPTWVD202
Burnout sounds cool
7/28/2020 c26 Nakitajean
When will the next boo be up?
7/20/2020 c25 Momochan77
I’m definitely interested to see where this goes. Like is Rose gonna go with Han and hang around Japan for a while? Will she be there when Deckerd shows up to kill Han? Or will she do something else? Either way I’m excited! See you next update!
7/19/2020 c25 TWD
I can’t wait to see what happens with next!
7/5/2020 c24 Momochan77
I’m definitely curious to see how things develop next with Rosalie back but her memories still missing. See you next update!
6/20/2020 c23 harryginny9
Amazing story love it. Rosalie and deckard should end up together. Owen and hers sibling bond is amazing too. Hopefully they overcome everything. Looking forward to next update. Thanks you
6/16/2020 c23 4FlowerChild23
Wow. That is sad.
6/13/2020 c23 1twibe
No please make her forgive deckard I really want a deckard romance!
6/13/2020 c23 Momochan77
I’m excited to see how they kick his ass with Rose onboard! See you next update!
6/9/2020 c22 Momochan77
Ooh is Rose starting to remember? See you next update!
5/18/2020 c21 X Blue Eyed Demon X
Love it!
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