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7/25 c30 RDDash
Okay, if those people are truly from the military they would probably understand that the marine officers receive completely useless military swords and sabers. I mean why else would Atlesian specialist have one of those.
7/24 c25 RDDash
CDC running modern day faunus slavery feels kind of weird in this old fanfic, especially with all the mercenary type huntsmen that are paid to defend those camps. Feels like bashing for the sake of bashing. It's like Halo need an antagonist to apeal to faunus who live in Menagerie
7/23 c88 1Argentum Messorem
While I'm sad that we won't get to see this story to it's completion, it was indeed one hell of a ride. I will definitely be rereading it. I salute you good sir. You made quite the masterpiece of a fic.
7/23 c89 Argentum Messorem
While I'm sad that we won't get to see this story to it's completion, it was indeed on
6/20 c47 Cooldude101011
Meadows wounded again. I wonder how many purple hearts full of clusters he has. Seriously, 5 to 10 minutes on the field and he gets injured.
6/19 c30 Cooldude101011
So the obvious answer to the replacement Slipspace drive destroying itself in order to get back to real space is to make two replacements. 1 for the trip to realspace and once the melted remains are cleaned out you mount the second and use that to go home. Simples
6/19 c27 Cooldude101011
“Hydration Equipment Operation”? I assume Bradford is referring to the coffee machine?
6/19 c22 Cooldude101011
To chapter 21:

Richard explaining what happened to Ozpin/the-press what happened to their ftl drive:
“Well, our faster than light drive had a malfunction that sent us far away from home, and the drive kinda… melted…”
1/29 c89 Hasf11
After all the adventure abd misadventures, the story finally ends. It doesnt matter that it is just a framework for it, i appreciate the closure and i am very satisfied with the fanfic; very satisfied with all of the chapters.
1/2 c89 ODSTFRymann
This story would have been great to see finished I appreciate you for giving us closure on it I hope to see more from you and I do hope life treats you well
12/9/2022 c6 Stormzy
Ah that's why I stopped reading this. Amazing writing and plot but I just can't with the 5 million OC characters. I want to read a Halo crossover with actual characters, at this point it's like its own book with Halo technology. Though as I said I still respect the great writing.
11/16/2022 c89 HelpingHand
I always assumed there would be more chapters. I just had to wait patiently. So I would go off to read other things and come back to catch up on the chapters that had built up. When I saw the story was updated only a month ago I thought the story was still getting new chapters. So I read from where I left off and enjoyed the story like I always did.

Seeing the start of 89 was devastating for me, I needed to take a few days to post this. I have been reading this story since chapter 20 or something I think. It has been at least a year, my memory isn’t good sometimes but I can remember the story pretty well. The characters were something I enjoyed seeing again and it always made me happy when I checked in with the story and saw there were new chapters. I want to say I didn’t get teary eyed when I got to the end of the notes but I feel too empty to lie. I guess the story would have ended one way or another but it feels so sudden.

I haven’t seen anything of RWBY past Volume 5 as I didn’t want to be hurt again. Fan fictions are the only thing that keep me interested in RWBY. A few chapters ago you said the show was trying to kill itself, I don’t know what you mean by that as I don’t know what is going on right now. But what I do know is that it is stories like yours that make me feel like people care about the world and characters. You could write the show better and I liked getting a glimpse of that through your story.

What other stories could I read? The only other I know like this one is Dust and Echoes. It is good but that is the only other RWBY and Halo crossover that has a feeling of the different worlds working together. And it just isn’t like yours. Nothing is like The Men From Onyx.

Few people would read stories I wrote. I did have some thoughts on these notes though.

Not a fan of the gods showing up and just dealing with Salem, it seems a bit contrived. I think it would have been better if someone at least talked to them and convinced them to get rid of her and leave. Maybe Ben or Ruby. Really Ben could be interesting as he wouldn’t be able to fight but have to use words something he has struggled with at times.

Would have liked moments of humans and faunus working together during the battle of Vale. And for Richard to say something that makes it happen. Maybe comparing the SDC and White Fang like I mentioned once. How sometimes things need to be spelled out to people.

You could have made Curie and Penny human with the staff of creation. Or used it for something else like a way to make smart AIs that don’t age. You didn’t say if Penny ended up with anyone. Or if Blake got to reconnect with her parents.

Wait, if they threw the relic of knowledge into the sun, what happens if it didn’t get destroyed? Wouldn’t it go to the center of the sun? So if all four were thrown into the sun they would meet in the center meaning they were brought together thus summoning the gods.

I guess I’m talking for the sake of talking now. It doesn’t matter with the story over. A part of me hopes one day you will come back to finish the story, I just have to be patient like I was before. But more of me feels you made it clear you wouldn’t be continuing. I guess someone else could finish the story, I’ve seen that happen before. Maybe this SardonicEffigy person you mentioned in your notes, whoever they are. I’m not as active as I was on this site as I needed to cut back on reading to get things done. So I doubt I would know if someone finished the story.

You didn’t say why you stopped so I guess it is personal. But you did give me a lot of entertainment over the years and made me happy when I needed it. So I wish you luck on your journey through life. Whatever you are planning to do.
11/6/2022 c89 3Jeremy scout
It's a shame you couldn't finish this but I understand why. Regardless, I still enjoyed the vision you had for this story to go and damn it if I could adapt it I would but I'm busy with my own stuff. It was a helluva ride and I'm glad I was with you for a lot of it. At the very least, I can look forward to seeing Meadows get mentioned in your novel. Any idea on when that may be coming out so I can make a note of it?

Thanks for giving us this amazing story, and I truly do wish you the best in your future endeavors.
11/1/2022 c89 SpudyPotato
Damn, can't believe it's over. Glad to get some closure though.
10/27/2022 c89 carter162020
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