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6/21 c86 SpudyPotato
A break is fair mate, enjoy yourself without having to think up ideas for thos story and return when you're ready or decide to call it quits.

Great chapter!
6/19 c86 scottusa1
Great chapter. Keep it up. Laters.
6/19 c86 naotw
Good chapter.
Felt a bit like Tyrian was too easily dealt with.
Will be waiting.
6/18 c86 joeyginise
The costs of War accumulate. Bring on the Faunas Divisions! And maybe give Illia a few medals for good measure, on TV. Show that UNSC is serious about the equality thing.

Furthermore, A dead Tyrion is a good Tyrion.

I look forward to the next one.
6/18 c86 7Lord of Moons
Great chapter! I've been anticipating this battle for... how long has it been now? At least months really. It feels so satisfying to see it all come to a head here. The White Fang defeated and scattered, Tyrian dead, and the UNSC having finally started to feel the effects of being on their own.

Don't worry about taking a break, this story has gone on without pause for years now, even before the rewrite, so I'm more than happy to wait for the next chapter. I do hope you don't decide to drop your fic, but well sometimes life is life. So again, thank you for this wonderful journey you've taken us on these last few years, and I do look forward to the other things you'll write in the future. Lord of Moons out.
6/18 c86 Strike Wyvern
Well that hurted, real shame for the many UNSC Casualties [specially losing a Pelican] but hey they hurt Adam and Tyrian badly, sure dead would better but at least they weren't unscathed, and once again with my daily mention on what's going on back home.. well they are not far from the end of the war, just few more weeks left.
6/18 c86 Dalivan
Oh shit,the funny scorpion man is dead.
6/17 c86 Rookie80
Take as much time as you need to sort out what's problems you're having, and recharge. You have written a well thought out story, and the last thing we'd want to happen to you is to burn out. It's your story, you set the pace to whatever works for you.

That really was a bloody battle. I was really hoping for it to be a clean sweep, but the White Fang really dragged this fight out. I got extremely nervous when I read "Callows" the first time. It was bad enough that Adam and his fanatics were in the fight, but then Tyrian joins in as well.

My heart clenched when I read that Winter's Aura was down, thinking that she's gonna die, and before when Ilia was about to be impaled by Adam. Nice how Ben came in for the save for both of them.

Ben may not have killed Adam, but he killed Tyrian. If you ask me, I'd say he took care of the bigger threat. Adam may be a Terrorist leader with radical actions, but Tyrian was an Agent of Salem. I'd say Salem's followers took a massive hit on this one. And the UNSC knocked out a big player on the opposing side.
6/17 c86 SpoopyTheScout
Another great chapter! If you're having some writing drought, but potentially still in the mood to the write, might I recommend making a few 'What If' scenarios in the Operation Unusual Paperwork story? Like what if they had more than one spartan before the Slipspace accident. Or what if something happened at the Ark with the Spirit Of Fire that brought that ship to remnant and they made contact with the Dominion?
6/17 c86 Brother Bov
Take a rest my friend, you deserve it, this has been a good story so far and i might be around time to reread it.
Problem with fanfiction is that after a while one tends to struggle to remember which character is which. (This is less to do with the authors writing and more from how much time may pass between chapters, so a reread tends to fill in the holes). I wish you luck.
Loyally awaiting the next chapter.
Brother Sergeant Bov.
6/17 c86 15BlackRaptor1
Take your time buddy, it is best get a break for awhile to clear your head and get more ideas on how to move forward.

Now to the review of this chapter: Silver is trying his best to help the UNSC, But to prevent being caught, he has give what little information he can without giving himself away.

Looks like Adam got his wish, he got his big open battle with the UNSC, Just not exactly how he would have planned out. All of Remnant will forever know this as " The Battle of the Delta River or The Battle of the Bloody Delta".

Ilia and Winter both got hurt, but will live and survive. Not much can be said for Tyrian Gallows. I am sure his death will send shock waves to what is basically left of Salem's inner circle.

I really hope this operation doesn't set the UNSC back to the point where it could seriously hurt them and everyone on Ramnant.

Here is something that has been bugging me.

I have been readying to Illia said in the previous chapters, I completely understand why Khan at first would pull her fighters away from the UNSC's fight against the SDC, because she would be cautious of a arrival of a alien race, even though they are human. When it started to show the UNSC was helping save the Faunus from the SDC, the White Fang could have reached to them and give aid.

Why didn't Khan try to reach to them? Did she feel that the Hard line members would oppose her idea and didn't want to put her leadership at risk, or was it her own pride or her own reasons that stopped her contacting the UNSC? Could have Khan try to reach out to the UNSC leadership in secret without revealing it to her organization or the world from finding out?
6/17 c86 2CT-555527705117
Absolutely brilliant, any break you take (no matter the length) is well earned. Combat felt incredible intense glad everyone got to play a part. Bravo mate
6/17 c86 3Don Cheeto
Good shit bro. Really did not expect Tyrian to die here.

They should be helping the kingdoms develop smaller but more efficient airships to compliment the Dominion.
6/17 c86 2Francisco914
Fingers crossed Spirit of Fire arrives
6/17 c86 Francisco914
This chapter sounds like an ode to the Movie We Were Soldiers directed by Mel Gibson, or the actual battle of Ia Drang itself.
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