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for The Men From Onyx

1/13/2019 c1 Gav1002
I personally think it was a really good idea to restart from scratch the last version and a lot of things that could’ve been done offense
1/13/2019 c1
And so it begins again...

It'll be interesting to see where you take this one. A fresh slate is just what this story needed and I think this one will be the one. Unless, you know, it's not, but let's not focus on that. Let's just see this one through to the end, because a third time would be overboard. All jokes aside, a solid first chapter. The differences in writing styles are distinct from now and when you first started the first Men From Onyx. Very nice job, and I'll be waiting with bated breath for the next one.
1/13/2019 c1 redx1221
Oh just wanted to mention i m sad that the original is not being updated but understand your reasons behind that. Also in episode 10 of volume 6 the do have laser technology in rwby. Or at the very least an emp like laser. Its something apparently only Atlas uses however. Just wanted to say that thanks can't wait for more chapters

This is more of a personal query but instead of Jorge can we have Noble Six by any chance I just always liked him/her more.
1/13/2019 c1 Guest
Giving a response for the legacy version. The main part I did not like was how easy Tyrian (scorpion guy) got the plasma weapons. Jorge, being a spartan II, would’ve probably been more meticulous than letting s few highly advanced weapons remain unaccounted for. Making it a bit more difficult, but still realistic would be better in my opinion. Thank you for reading
1/13/2019 c1 Guest
Ilia was my favorite character. I hope she gets redemption again in siding with the unsc.
1/13/2019 c1 dragon lord syed
good luck my friend hope you well on your fic also i'm using a guest reivew to say hi because computer funny also seems ben has bit more rocky road in fic starting off

dragon lord syed 101 out
1/13/2019 c1 2Evinco
Please make the power scaling consistent, RWBY is an inconsistent mess.
1/13/2019 c1 8CT7567Rules
good start, can't wait to see what's next.
1/13/2019 c1 SpectreA7X
Looking forward to the story bro dw about any negative feedback, it just makes writers like us stronger
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