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4/14/2022 c57 naotw
Nice views from Set.
4/13/2022 c9 Xenokiller419
Did they forget about the hidden covenant weapons that they found
4/13/2022 c55 naotw
"But back where I came from, we never solved racial inequalities with rifles, we solved it by changing minds."
This just killed me beyond all measure. And he says this just after:

"...whether that be Insurrectionists, terrorists, Grimm or otherwise."

Once remnant learns of the UNSC's general history, pieces will be put together.
The UNSC was literally the UEG's leashed dog against the insurrection, that arose FROM racial divides and lack of ftl communication.
The political shitstorm from this will hurt Richard, badly. And if the truth of the Covenant is confirmed, a majority of Remnant would blanche in fear, adding onto existing Grimm attacks, I suspect level 7 attacks would be common in the villages. ️️️It's just a disaster.

That entire conference was a practical example of how NOT to do a political speech, especially an introductory one.
So many contentious points. Really, Richard should just mail his demands to the Council members, let Thomas handle the talks, and start upgrading Remnant.
4/12/2022 c53 naotw
Nice on Mags. Her history would likely already be known by the UNSC, given its public nature(protests, etc), so she need not worry much.

The UNSC should start work on industrial uplifting.
Blake's view on them rescuing the trapped Faunus would be nice to see.
This would bring a political and societal shift as all of Remnant must now acknowledge the publicly and overtly displayed Faunus discrimination, especially Mistral.
Remnant's leaders must then publicly prove, to the; UNSC, Faunus and sympathetic humans, that they are working to solve it, through immediate results, not long term plans or procrastinating.

Richard's Kingdom recognition of Menagerie would cause UNTOLD unrest. Humans openly despise Faunus, as second nature. Unless forced, and likely controversial, social reforms are implemented, it will continue. Humans would fell forced. I would not be surprised if Mistral declares war on the UNSC. It's analogous (not similar) to Martin Luther King all over again.

It's likely that a great number of abroad Faunus would be coming back to Menagerie, after witnessing the SDC's ops. The economic impact of such substantial movement would negatively affect businesses on Remnant.
4/12/2022 c52 naotw
Excellently nailed Watt's slight overconfidence and arrogance. Just enough to make him forget the simple things, like the backtracking.
Though again, the UNSC's not fully using their Infowar suite. Not knowing that grimm can work in packs, as a strategy, is good; animal packs commonly lack a full strategy. Not knowing that grimm can learn experientially and be subservient to older ones is a sore point. Such info would be common knowledge on Remnant.
Curie's situation is a good one. Though technically, her clock cycles are affected by the processing nodes available, along with her internal runtimes. With all of Dominion being a giant server, it's a bit skeptical that she overclocked, even with half of normal capacity, from battle coordination, given her MIL-AI designation.
More Remnant characters.
4/11/2022 c48 naotw
Now this is a surprise.
Without Dominion's retreat, I don't see it not going down.
It doesn't have the Stalwart's anti-fighter/missile and pdc capabilities. Lancers will wreck it, through its armor gaps.
Hope everyone on Remnant watching through CCTS sees that Leviathan.
4/11/2022 c47 naotw
Poor Meadows. He should probably sit out all coming battles. I'm almost certain he spends more time in sickbay than in the field.

Cordovin was a good officer, just that she had to juggle bureaucracy, as a base leader. Plus her age made her more irritant(Calavera). Hope she gets ceremonial honors.

I really hope Salem's surprise involves Leviathans.
4/11/2022 c46 naotw
I can feel the oozing arrogance in the UNSC's confidence.

Richard has 50 archer missile pods. 1200 to 1500 missiles of various payloads; from chemical, EW/EMP, decoy, thermonuclear, SPEARs, Howitzers and others, giving him an answer for nearly ANY tactical situation. One chemical archer could have solved the grimm numbers problem but nooo, he just HAD to bring his whole ship.

I hope to see grimm Leviathans emerging from the ocean and spit-firing on the Dominion, just for measure. An attack on Argus is never complete without a Leviathan.

Its current attack also near cripples Atlas-Mistral trade(primary port). Wonder how Saphron's doing and how Jaune's dealing with her presence there.
4/10/2022 c45 naotw
You made me almost prefer the Charon over the Paris frigate with how you expo'd it to Ironwood. Excellent.

I do wonder though, how come the Dominion's satellites haven't yet detect a single, black castle in the middle of nearly endless, black grimm pools, with some heat sig,s?

Unless their orbits are geostationery? If so, that plus the non-full coverage do lend credit to missing Salem. Though large scale grimm movements, like Salem's plan against Atlas, would also be easy to backtrace to the grimmlands.
4/9/2022 c52 Trife
So, when is the UNSC actually going to start working on industrial work? They have the Faunus kingdom as allies that they could start advancing but they aren’t. More of their stuff is breaking and now they could lose their A.I. At the rate they are putting this off, their ship is going to be falling apart around them before they decide to actually start working on what they need to fix the ship let alone try and get home. Not that they will at the rate they are neglecting their need for parts and industry. Not to mention their constant fighting.

4/8/2022 c43 naotw
At this point, Richard is a dictator.

All the Atlesian prisoners consume the ship's resources. And at least a few were coerced/paid/misinformed into fighting. Richard wallowing over ethics first, instead of practical cost considerations implies lacking control and prioritisation skills. It is harsh. But pragmatism often outweighs morals in a military situation. It is the practical, in the end, that matters.

He also calls them war criminals, as defined by the UNSC, without knowledge of their situations. He refuses to hand them over to Atlas because he does not trust them. This is a dangerous assumption. It implies that he thinks Atlas judges are easily bribed and its entire court system is easily corruptible.
An atlas court, with Vale judges, would have easily pacified both Atlas and the UNSC. Instead, he wants the whole court process to be done in Vale.

He insulted Remnant's jusctice system and seeks to replace it with his implied "superior" one. Remnant went through repeated tribal and global wars, before the Vytal treaty. Their war crime definitions may be vague, but it kept peace for 80 years onwards. The first few post war years would have seen dissidents perform war crimes. I do not believe their judiciary system is as lacking as implied.
If this, however, was simply Richard's skewed opinion, it's well done.

Menagerie be treated as a kingdom. It doesn't have the economy, industry or connections the others have.
The Faunus issue arose from deep rooted fear of their capabilities- animal advantages. Brute forcing it would not solve this. The white fang, before Sienna ruled, changed little. The UNSC would need to shift established civilian perceptions of Faunus(convert Weiss into Ruby, essentially). A daunting task for any government, let alone 1,000 people.
An easier, more effective solution, would be to take advantage of Faunus traits. Train as a militia. Build a firebase on Menagerie. Have all UNSC civilian diplomatic channels routed through Menagerie. Prepare it for future industrialization. Small things like these. Simply recognizing it as a kingdom is too large to do officially, and too easy to not backfire(loopholes, definition problems, etc).
4/8/2022 c42 naotw
I notice that you have UNSC personnel not taking full advantage of their Infowar abilities.

Curie seemingly not knowing that Yang and Ruby have different mom's(public info).
Curie glossing over the full extent of huntsman and huntress abilities in their first SDC raid while knowing of the Academies' existence(plus Vytal festival tournaments).
Richard's apparent lack of knowledge on Ironwood's control issues(first encounter-had his personnel file).
Richard's apparently not having an assessment of his ship's pdc capabilities against grimm hordes(Curie could have scoured public channels for such encounters for reference)- Winter implied the 1/2 power idea.

Richard initially, constantly risking his ship's crippling and spreading of sensitive info by Winter; He seemed to disregard the full effect of her semblance. Couple her presence with Ironwood's defensive stances, the likelihood of her being ordered to kill Richard was relatively high in their initial interactions.
He also risked Winter's retaliation against, and assessments on the bridge crew(see how they work, who is important, general op structure, etc), when Ironwood confronted him on Fairfire's incident (Yes Winter would likely have died. But with her semblance, crippling the ship is all she needed to do to make the UNSC a non-issue. Richard casually accepting and gambling with the chance that she could have taken out the bridge was dangerous).

The ship's command staff is also too involved in ground ops. They should have a colonel or someone of appropriate army/marine rank to plan, lead and coordinate ground and air support units;

Richard's job would logically be to use his ship and fighters as support, when needed/requested.
He seemed to forget about the Sabres initially, his ship's pdc capabilities(Winter), the Trebuchet missiles and the Vultures(1st 3 are his jurisdiction and suggest issues with his asset management).

Bradford's would be to ensure general ship ops.

Thomas would likely be an NCO since he is in Section 2.

The UNSC has too many ground assets to place ground, air and space jurisdiction in the hands of 1 ship's command staff(Richard, Thomas, Bradford).

They would realistically have a leader of their ground detachment to plan and execute operations while the ship captain and commanders confirm and review if it affects their jurisdictions and duties.

Nice RWBY arc.
4/7/2022 c84 scottusa1
Great chapter. Keep it up. Laters.
4/7/2022 c39 naotw
Excellent reaction from Ben. First time I saw Ruby use Crescent Rose I went; How the hell does she hold on with that recoil? And how heavy is that scythe to dig through concrete by falling alone? Hope Ozpin's words weren't a RWBY teaser.
4/6/2022 c42 Trife
On the note of the pending attack, the UNSC forces could have sent in recon teams, found the flack cannons and painted them with laser designators and had a long rang artillery strike or missile strike called in. That’s assuming of course that a flack cannon could even keep up with the speed of UNSC strike craft. That would have been the easiest way to deal with them or have the Dominion preform the long range strike with her secondary weapons with recon teams serving as spotters. They could also have used this method to locate and the neutralize other enemy defenses or troop concentrations or even the main building its self.
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