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10/18/2022 c1 PaladinSans
One more thing, are others welcome to attempt to finish or rewrite the story? You might wanna answer that in the story itself, rather than a PM
10/18/2022 c89 4Monster King
Good job
10/18/2022 c89 2Francisco914
Kinda hoped they linked up with the UNSC
10/18/2022 c89 Brother Bov
I am saddened that you have decided not to complete this story but thankful for you for your hardwork up until now and for laying the story to rest somewhat better with the plot. Hehe, its got a shallow grave instead of just being left to rot, eh.
Its been a hell of a ride, i hope you continue to write stories. And if possible, one day, you may once more feel like picking this up again, and well...
I loyally await, always
Brother Bov.
10/18/2022 c89 12senate
It has been a great pleasure reading this, i wish you the best of luck in your future endevaours and stay safe
10/18/2022 c89 BerixTheThief
Really sad to see this story go...
in some way it has been part of my stability in my chaotic and shitty life. i thank you for writing this amazing story and i'm glad that it got a proper ending.

-BerixTheThief (Djurran)
10/17/2022 c89 Arakile
Thank you for the closure for the story it's shame it had to end without completely finish it, but thank you for an amazing as story and goodluck in the future.
10/17/2022 c89 LiquidusSnake
Well it sucks, but at least we know how it would have ended, thank you, it has been an honor.
10/17/2022 c89 5PoofyOhio
As some one who has been a fan since chapter six of the original was the newest chapter, I must admit that I’m… sad to see it end; especially this way.

It been a good ride, years in the making, and I will always look fondly upon this story.

Godspeed author man. It’s been a pleasure to read your story.
10/17/2022 c89 1SpoopyTheScout
It was a wild, fun ride while it lasted. But god damn does this melancholy feeling suck.

This will go down in my personal Hall Of Fame for Fanfics.
10/17/2022 c89 EWR115
Whilst it sucks to see one of the few long and detailed stories on this site come to an end, it is nice to see at least the outline of how everything would have played out instead of waiting for an update that would never come to be. Thank you for your time to create such a world for everyone to enjoy
10/17/2022 c89 Rookie80
I'm so sad to see this story end. It is by far my favorite story on this site. I wish you could've finished it, but I respect your decision. I am very grateful that you posted the draft for the story.

Reading your story was really fun and exciting. You are a great writer, and I hope you continue this amazing talent you have.

Spartans never die.
10/17/2022 c89 PaladinSans
So that’s how it ends, huh? Out with a bang, instead of a whimper?
10/17/2022 c89 1axel100
Ouch. In the past year, I've seen the plug pulled on 3 long established stories. Losing this one hurts the. most. though. Thank you for at least wrapping up some loose ends. I do wish I could have seen Set be the badass I knew he would be. Also, if you still. have that priginal first version of Men from Onyx, please post it. You newer readers. might appreciate you past efforts. Thanks for. the ride. Wish it could have been longer.
10/17/2022 c89 5Dragon lord Syed 101
Nice to get an some form of conclusion to all of this good luck in the future
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