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7/23 c3 4Techno Dawn
Yay! It’s Alopex! She should really appear in more continuities.
2/16 c2 Pugsarethebest1
Wow... this is getting very intense.. are you still updating this story? It’s really good!
2/16 c1 Pugsarethebest1
I really like your story! Can’t wait to read more! It’s so good!
3/8/2020 c2 Guest
Hi, when are you updating the story? :)
6/2/2019 c1 3Ninjagokata
(Donnie-type angst to be specific)
Really into this story!
Can't wait for the next part!
4/20/2019 c1 sa.m959
omg this is literally amazing! Ive been meaning to write a review for a while, cuz I wanted to say that its awesome! I really hope you get the next part finished soon cuz im hooked!
3/24/2019 c1 Jeni125
1/30/2019 c1 Fangirlingfan
Wow! I love this! I have seen so many people touch up on how Donnie is the soft shell (they also bring it up in the show a lot... think they’ll hurt the baby!?) Donnie is my fav and I think whump really makes him vulnerable! Not so snarky exterior is written really well. So excited for the next update!
1/14/2019 c1 29Dare2dream00
nice! love the pace!
1/14/2019 c1 4Techno Dawn
I don’t know what will hurt worse for Donatello, those arrows, or being wrong about the capabilities of his battle shell. Great start. Thanks for posting.

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