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for Hela's Vanguard

2/21 c9 outcome 5
Continúe please
1/24 c9 TeraelinII
i need tHE 10th chapter UPDATTEEE
1/16 c5 2Qriiz
Team Cap, huh?
To be expected, really.
Make someone stronger than Thanos, and he still need Captain America's help. [eyeroll]
11/23/2023 c5 Cain Dubois
Sounds to me like captain America won
kill yourself
7/23/2023 c1 Guest
Hey man nice story pls upload next chapter.
Can't wait for it
7/10/2023 c9 gamergale
can you make more chapters please
6/28/2023 c9 Guest
To the guest what your doing is illegal and guess what your done you have been reported to the cops as well as the admins as well next time you extort and I find out your not going to like the outcome!
6/12/2023 c9 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
6/4/2023 c1 Guest
I honestly wanted to like this story, but this is just bad. It's akin to sniffing a moldy egg casserole from the back of my fridge: a stupid waste of time for something rotten that belongs in the trash.

Now, I hope I have your attention and that you can improve your writing, but that's not why I'm here. I'm sending this message on behalf of my friend, Gina Gail Barron-Goodman, who is an assistant site administrator.

Here is her profile:
www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15586653/Gina-Gail-Goodman-B

Review her stories. You don't have to read them, just give them good reviews. They don’t have to be long, just some quick praise will suffice. She’s trying to win a contest, and for that she needs a large amount of good reviews.

If you fail to comply by not responding or worse yet, attempt to leave a negative review, I will report your account to both The Critics United as well as the other site administrators for deletion. Do not think of blocking or reporting us. I will find out and there will be consequences if you do something stupid to her

If you troll my friend, be warned we will troll you, your fics and all of your followers. We will also place your shit fic in our other friend's community, Shit Fics That Deserve a Good Flame, so that everyone here will make fun of you. Since we don't want it to come to that, just write a short, good review for her stories and we'll leave you alone
6/1/2023 c9 BOBbyboy177336
good chapter, pls don't leave for too long
5/31/2023 c7 1Joker619
It's professor Xavier, not doctor
5/29/2023 c9 Guest
Just perfect this story
5/28/2023 c9 Guest
5/28/2023 c6 kevinthegoat0304
Lmaooo that’s the most Deadpool line ever
5/26/2023 c6 demonboy121986
All I got to say, is fuck yes to Wade. Time to ride the rainbow shiting unicorns.
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