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for Hela's Vanguard

1/15 c6 EVIL-SAGE
Ahahah I love Deadpool.
1/7 c8 1Simmonschr
dude are you not going to continue this cause I really enjoyed this fic and I want to see more of it
12/15/2022 c8 Guest
weak Naruto
12/11/2022 c8 NinjaGamer20
can't wait for the next chapter
12/10/2022 c8 shauryaverma590
Bro please update this story
10/19/2022 c8 2elkenn
Lol, the ending though, poor loki
10/3/2022 c1 Guest
I love it can't wait for next chapter
9/17/2022 c8 AJGuardian
So, bro. Is chapter 8 the last one or is there supposed to be a chapter9 somewhere hidden that I can't see?
9/16/2022 c8 Guest
Is this fic dead? I hope not

Would be hilarious if naruto just snapped thanos into dust

since I think killing one Guy out of exsistence would be far easier to do for 3 infinity stones, 4 if you count vision when they get to taking it out of his forehead.

Yeaaah thanos would probably be protected with the Power stone and the soul stone if gamora is found

But could the soul and Power stone keep up with a infinity stone powered naruto? With 4 no less?

If all the stones are equal in their Power to warp reality I think 4 beats Power and soul
9/15/2022 c8 Guest
Would be cool if magneto asked for citizenship in Asgard where the mutants talents would be embraced (except some notions of magic being girly)

Maybe Naruto could tweak the mutants physique to be More asgardian so there won’t be much separation in their societies

Maybe make Hela as immortal as him with the reality stone too

In fact couldn’t Naruto fix the whole of Asgard with the reality stone?
9/15/2022 c3 Guest
Would be awesome if Naruto didn’t just use portals

and actually bent space to shorten or lengthen distance

so Naruto can’t be hit

Every time they try would be like narutos body is suddenly out of reach

and when Naruto wants to hit you his punch going left nowhere near where the enemy is is suddenly in his face

Ooh and instant teleports like his dad

The space stone is very underused and only used for teleportation by the big players

Heck the nazis made energy beams that disintegrated people

Naruto would have more control over it so he should be able to put more power into the space beam

Hell Naruto should be able to use fuckin black hole rasengans

Or cut space (ie meaning everything)

Hope he does those things in the future
9/13/2022 c8 anonimo
Space-Time Displacement
appears in only in game
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Space-Time Ninjutsu
Class Additional
reach short, medium
Kuroma Tatsushiro
Yomito Hirasaka

It is a space-time ninjutsu that allows you to move across the battlefield.

Instantly, the user can teleport themselves a certain distance from their original location, allowing them to evade enemy onslaughts or execute surprise attacks.
8/11/2022 c6 14S. S. Shadow
“You’re fucking Jesus aren’t you?” Oh my god, that line had me do a massive spit take.

Definitely something Deadpool would say, and the delivery was perfect, lol.
8/9/2022 c6 Freddielebron
8/9/2022 c3 Freddielebron
The only thing I could say about the fight is why didn’t he use his truth seeking orbs? One hit from them instead of his staff would’ve ended the whole fight. Yes you had plans to not finish him off right then and there but for him to use them to stop lava boy but not purple man just doesn’t feel right. Maybe he could’ve used them and it disintegrated his armor and some of the skin off his back? Idk
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