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for Tale of a Thief and his New Party

10/3 c37 guiltyr2
the fact that there is an active grimgar story still amazes me to this day
10/3 c37 Jose19
The story perplexes me because is he a human or not the character in canon when read is 100 percent one.

This character experiences the pain and anguish that they do and has all the insecurities and fears.

Demons are not kind and compassionate and care nothing for nobody and Haru cares a great deal.

I always enjoyed the frailty and flaws of Humans and Demons in most comparison are hateful and loathsome creatures normally that how my view of them is.
10/3 c37 Aesir19
Does being a Demon convey a very long life to Haru (I could be jumping to wrong conclusions but it seems like it could from your wording)? I was thinking it would be fantastic if Iormu, Lala and any of the other long lived girls wouldn't have to loose haru eventually (to natural causes anyway).
10/2 c37 Biblio388
You were right, a short chapter worked perfectly for this. So glad to see how things turned out for this particular character arc. Great chapter.
10/2 c37 5Pyromania101
Looking forward to the date with Shu'ni.
9/3 c36 godzillafan1
weird chapter so Haru's not really human? well please write what happens next as soon as you can.
7/24 c36 Biblio388
Ah, now we get to the meat of this mystery, not sure how to feel about the revelation. Just going to wait to see how things play out for now, great chapter and reveal. It has the hallmarks of the best kind of mysteries.
7/24 c36 Temsen
Damn, the first half of the chapter was REALLY confusing. Though I don't get the bit about "stolen bodies" that the Nuckelavee mentioned. I thought Haru's body was the first that dropped into the 'void'.
7/24 c36 Jose19
Haruhiro is not a Human but a Demon represents a enemy to anyone and don’t have compassion or kindness.

There is no pairing with a Demon it normally gets you killed the person they love is the Human side of him.
7/23 c36 Pyromania101
An interesting twist. I look forward to reading how this develops.
7/19 c20 1Ranger Station Charlie
Definitely enjoying the story to far. It is interesting how so many writers use the need to take a moment to breathe for kissing scene. You can breathe through your nose when kissing, it isn't the most romantic when you feel your partner's breath I guess. But hey most of the cast are inexperience lol.

Not a fan of Rachnée but that's more of a me thing.

Also I'll admit the story has gotten really soft I guess. Haru seems to have become too much of a harem protagonist personality archetype. Needs more than "must protect girls" and "be shy" as his two core traits.

Been a while since I read Grimgar so I can't really remember what is base personality was besides depressed lol and not wanting attention. So I can't say in all honesty if Haru is acting different or not. Still the situation here compared to the source are radically different.

The eyes of death thing also feel weird, I get its a cool upgrade to glimmering light. But even then I feel like it takes away from his own abilities and utilizing his skills right.

A transdimensional mansion with shaggoth esque maid. Cool but also seems like it's a close jumping the shark moment. Rather have them earn their new home a little more than this. But hey they do need a place that can accommodate them right.

Still you've done a great job and got me to read this far.

Stay Golden and May your Muse Neve Die.
7/8 c35 Guest
Honestly find actual myth nuckelavee creepier considering its skinless
7/10 c13 3Duncan0Idaho
Uh, sure, but there's not really much to tell."

"That is fine."

"Well, after I fell off of Death Spots, I blacked out for a second, had a nightmare where he caught up to you and killed you all one by one-" Tio's grip tightened again, weird- "Which I didn't like very much, so I killed him first just to be safe." He concluded.

Seemed like a good enough summary, right?

"... How? How did you kill him, Haru?" Rachnera asked, scrutinizing him closely.

"Huh? What do you mean? Anyone will die if you cut them apart at the seams."

"... 'Seams', was it? And are you… have you ever seen these seams, elsewhere?" Iormu asked slowly.

He has mystic eyes of death perception?
4/29 c32 Sword Of The Incorruptible
Hey. This is kind of a weird one, but I am genuinely curious about it nonetheless. Will Haruhiro ever be able to go back to his place of origin, or will he simply receive brief visions or flashback memory segments instead? Because it would be really interesting if he, along with those like him, have the opportunity to go home, but still want to stay where they are now. Just some food for thought.
4/17 c35 Biblio388
And what good fluff it is. The smut was great as well. Still love the balance of your chapters, makes them much more palatable than some other stories I have read.
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