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for disastrous life of harry p

11/9/2020 c7 Guest
Please don't leave the story the disastrous life of harry p, incomplete the story is wonderful and it's getting so good so I beg of you please to keep writing it please.
4/12/2020 c7 Andrea Sanafria
Por favor dime que es un saiki x harry :"3
1/6/2020 c7 4autumncat210
It was good and please update when you can
10/4/2019 c7 AstralGemini
im realy enjoying this story
9/5/2019 c6 aSleepyPenguin
Uh oh!

I'm getting Yaoi vibes from this D:
8/3/2019 c7 cautioninfectedzone
I absolutely adore this if your still up to it please update it.
6/30/2019 c7 Elfin69
Looks like Sirius is going to learn that he has to also follow the rules.
6/22/2019 c6 1Michy1990
are you going to update soon. i would like to read more
6/11/2019 c6 Fen219
Wow this is interesting I hope to read more
4/8/2019 c6 8Faeyre
Is Saiki ever going to find out about their powers? Because they’re al becoming such great friends and they both have secret powers :D
Also, would Saiki be able to use telepathy on the wizards if he took off the limiter?
3/16/2019 c6 Elfin69
At least Severus will be able to fix the kitchen and will show that he does care for Harry
3/16/2019 c5 Elfin69
How will Severus and Sirius react to the group and to kaidou
3/16/2019 c4 Elfin69
So how will the react to Keido
3/16/2019 c3 Elfin69
I like that he is actually working on speaking again and will now let them know that he is physic
3/11/2019 c2 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
The lazy writing going on here is beyond painful and extremely disappointing. You mispell almost every second word, you don't start names with capitals as you should and you dont even use your comma when needed. it's a mess, it's hard to read and understand and very very frustrating for the reader. teh clichés are all over the place, but that could be overlooked if you had taken your time writing this out carefully and seriously. I am not sure where you are taking us with this storyline as the plot has yet to be revealed to us so I can't really comment on that, but it's a damn shame, cause there are barely any of these crossovers out there and I had such hopes after reading the reviews. good luck to you hope you can use my review and check over your posted chapters with either new eyes or a beta, perhaps a reboot? just a suggestion. people Want to read it.
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