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for Forgotten Fox

5/8 c38 Guest
Please continue the story please and add Yasaka to the harem along with grayfia please and maybe a few goddess please continue the story and have naruto gain six paths sage mode with the yin yang seals on his hands
4/30 c1 Krowe Carter
I can respect your honesty.
3/19 c3 ThunderFang0406
It's not Anko Murasaki, it's Anko Mitarashi
2/16 c4 Jolene guest
who is naruto with?
is he with kuruana or ayame?
will he ever be with satsuki?
does naruko love naruto like a brother or as a lover?
didn't naruko and naruto kiss on the lips before?
it's his fucking SISTER!
why is she blushing it's his his fucking sister. (waving hands while very confused)
uchiha gang. yeah, yeah.
1/20 c1 agnar
the problem with this one is, the parents ignoring him doesn't make sense at all. He's not DIFFERENT than his siblings. there's at least some reasoning, though bad, in fics where the other 2 kids have all the kyuubi's chakra and naruto has none, or only the 'soul' of kyuubi.

Or if Naruto were drastically younger than his siblings. But fucks sake, they're triplets! He can't be more than a few minutes to hours younger and has only a bit less kyuubi chakra than the other 2 kids. So the premise just doesn't work well, at all. It just requires his parents to be so braindead that they'd never have made it to adulthood alive.
1/11 c2 Anonymous magic

Guy who told the author to die and never cone back: go fuck yourself

(I hate autocorrect)
12/29/2020 c38 Karuko Tetsumi
no story is perfect yet you made this great story anyway. you are amazing
12/18/2020 c38 Guest
This was such a great and amazing story and it was so funny
12/18/2020 c36 Guest
LOL kiba got the dog treatment
12/18/2020 c33 baka
Yay rin!
12/18/2020 c30 BEST PLAN
hehe send mebuki to ibiki and anko then have tsunade beat the shit out of her and then execute her.
12/18/2020 c28 Guest
NONI! does that mean his MOM is added to his harem?
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