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2/23/2019 c1 50Stealth Photographer
Who would you have Chiaki play Kingdom Hearts 3 with?
1/17/2019 c1 28The Apocryphal One
a fanfic of Chiaki getting payback on Junko even in a video game? yes plz! That may have been brutal, and she may not know why she feels so vindictive, but it was a well-deserved death for Ultimate Bitch.
1/17/2019 c1 22Luckenhaft
Chiaki's playing a video game where she gets to murder Junko.


This is the best fanfiction ever. Shut up and take my monocoins!

Yukizome: Chiaki, why don't you tell the class what you did over the weekend?

Chiaki: (Playing Uber Jumpman Cousins on her Nintendo 3DS.) Played games with Hajime, went to a fashion show Junko was hosting, and dropped the light rigging on her thus crushing her to death.

Yukizome: (Blinks and develops a shaky grin.) Could you repeat that last part again? I think I misheard you.

Chiaki: (Puts her game down and notices the strange looks she's getting from her classmates. And Saionji who is scooting her desk away from her, having chosen today to sit next to her.) I lured Junko on stage after knocking out the fashion designer who was supposed to go on stage, then I set off the bomb I planted on the light rigging so it would come down on top of Junko's head and smash her into a bloody pulp.

Upon hearing the word bomb, everyone in class shot Komaeda glares recalling how he got Ruruka, Izayoi, and Seiko expelled.

Yukizome: (Slowly advancing towards the door whilst avoiding eye contact with Chiaki.) I thought that was what you had said. In unrelated news I have to speak with the Headmaster about something. Be back soon. (Bolts from the classroom.) 'I leave her in charge of these maniacs for 6 months and she apparently snaps on Junko for some reason and kills her. Kyousuke is never going to let me live this down. Good job keeping a low profile Chisa.'

Chiaki: (Stares in confusion at the classroom door her teacher just fled from before turning to Kuzuryu who is giving her an impressed look.) Did I say something wrong?

Kuzuryu: Damn Chiaki, I did not think you had it in you to off that Enoshima whackjob. (Pulls out a business card with a Dragon on the front.) When you get out from prison in a few years, call me. The Kuzuryu clan could use a girl with your... imagination.

Chiaki: (Takes the card now thoroughly confused.) Okaaayy. (Turns to Tsumiki who is on her knees by her desk with her head bowed holding out some money to Chiaki.) Tsumiki, what are you doing?

Tsumiki: (Still has her head down.) This is all I got, but it's not enough I can always sell you my body. (Raises her head and gives Chiaki an off-kilter grin.) If you promise to make my bullying problem go away. (Glances in the direction of Saionji behind and to the right of her.)

Hiyoko: (Pokes her head out from behind Mahiru who she has been cowering behind.) Tsumiki, you dirty pig! I swear to Angie's weirdo god if Chiaki kills me, I'll haunt you!

Tsumiki: (Turns away from a flummoxed Chiaki and shoots Hiyoko an uncaring grin.) I'm okay with that. There's probably an Ultimate Exorcist or Ghost Hunter somewhere in this school.

Chiaki: (Pulls her hoodie over her head.) 'I probably should have specified that I killed Junko in a videogame, looks like I'm going to call Hajime to see if his potential talent to get into the Main Course is being the Ultimate Defense Attorney.'

Just another normal day in Danganronpa Land.

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