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5/1/2019 c47 4Phoenixure
Look At My Knifeeeeeee
4/28/2019 c47 Anna
YESSSSS BEAUTIFUL IS DEAD! Now just for Julian, Zara and cascade to die.

Good chapter here! Ship name for Millie and Miles is hard. XD rooting for them!
4/28/2019 c46 Jackseptiguy
Annabeth pie love your books but I read them all and is wishing for updates
4/30/2019 c47 12Hawkmaid
I liked this chapter a lot! Great job! I didn't know that Millie had that in her! Poor Beautiful and Samson. Great job as always! Love this story so much! :)
4/29/2019 c47 2SailBoat21
Oh nooooooooooooo, Emily!
We have to help her!
I glad to see Ambrosia likes the slingshot I bought her and I’m happy that the food I bought for Nathan went to good use!
I hope Emily is okay, I really like her!
4/29/2019 c47 SparrowBirdEliza
lol, my baby Grayson being like "I kill literally everything I see." Perfect!
4/29/2019 c47 34SilverflowerXRavenpaw
Yeeet! This. This was a nice chapter. It was so long, and you didn't only focus on Zara's alliance. Thank you for giving Ambrosia some screentime! I can't believe she's getting so much sponsoring deufvnwk

I think Milies is okay. Is it Mile-lees?
4/28/2019 c47 2Safiyax
Milies is fine because they have similar names, Rip beautiful and Samson and good luck to the remaining tributes, I also enjoyed this chapter more and I think you should spend more time writing too.
4/28/2019 c47 4Kristy LeeKL
Wow! Millie is more talented than I expected! I'm glad to see a loss in the Careers, although that paints a target on Milies' back.
When did Bera get delirious? How could it have been prevented?
4/28/2019 c47 3AlexFalTon
And Emily is in trouble. She needs help! I need to get help!

Also District 12 is getting lucky this time around. Also, ship name, it's... Eh.
4/28/2019 c47 2TheProtecterOfHim
yassss great chaper ma boy forrest is final twelve
4/28/2019 c47 8Professor R.J Lupin1
Welp, there goes District 1. I guess it's not exactly surprising.
This evening is going to be scary, isn't it? I can't wait, because i don't have anyone left to worry about :D
Maybe use their last names? Reedbratton... Oateed? Idk.
4/24/2019 c39 RadiateYou
Hey! Love the story! When are you planning on updating?
4/24/2019 c45 Anna
Ugh great... now Zara is ok now. I really hope she doesn’t win, I really don’t like her. I don’t really like anyone else in their alliance. I hope Millie or miles wins.
4/23/2019 c44 Anna
Rip Nathan. I am still hoping Julian and Zara will die. And everyone in their alliance.
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