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for The Legend of Dragoon: How It Really Happened

9/20 c53 MaliceChef
I am head over heels to see you starting the second disk and thus continuing the story! Reading the whole thing start to finish will be such a treat in half a decade or however long it takes to finish all 4 disks.

I see a few creative liberties taken in the form of lack of “Princess Emille” and The Green Party. I hope to see Meru next chapter or the one after. She’s a comedy goldmine.
8/28 c53 7DesiCat
I love how you explored the pain everyone felt on Lavitz's death. And how Shana wasn't constantly pining for Dart and has been angry with him for his behavior.

Looking forward to what you have in store for chapter 2
8/25 c52 3Je t'aime Saku
I love how to spent more time and showed those extra details that the game did not have the time to do so. Everything was so heartbreaking (Lavitz's death and the pain all the other characters felt) but it was lovely at the same time. I look forward to reading what you have in store for us in regards to disc 2.
8/5 c53 2Psifonian
Aw hell yes. We're cooking with gas as we move into Tiberoa!

You really did pack a great deal into this first chapter of "Platinum Shadow." I really liked the way you made Fletz feel more of a lived-in location, and I especially enjoyed Haschel's familiarity with the place. You just know that guy was a smooth operator all the time he was looking for his daughter.

I really liked the final conversation with Dart and Rose, and the implication of her question to him. I won't go too far into it lest there be people reading this who don't know what's coming, but it definitely raises some questions that I hope play into later chapters.
7/30 c52 Darkkrebs
Well, that was still rough, but at least it felt like a step in the right direction. Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/29 c51 3Je t'aime Saku
I did enjoy the change of pace in this chapter, a lighter note after all the pain and struggling they've been going through. Your wriiting is lovely as always! :)
7/27 c50 Je t'aime Saku
Wonderful chapter as usual...and ever so heartbreaking. You did a lovely job showing all those emotions. It really pulled on my heartstrings.
7/24 c6 gottagofast22
I truly love this game. It was my introduction to RPGs, and it's never gotten old on subsequent playthroughs. If you've approached this with the same dedication and attention to detail as your excellent strategy guide, I've no doubt this should be something special. Further reviews incoming! All the best.
7/13 c52 2Psifonian
YES YES YES YES YES! We have finally reached the end of "Serdian War" at last, and you have perfectly captured the devastation of that war and its grim aftermath. The changes you made to the story were necessary and feel so natural to the progression of the narrative that they have supplanted the original story for me. Your story is hereby canon to me.

Cannot wait for Disc 2 - er, I mean, Book 2.
7/5 c51 Psifonian
Indeed, this chapter is a welcome respite from the heavy themes the last several chapters have been emphasizing, and while I think you've been perfectly and poignantly capturing the devastating loss that the crew is feeling at the moment, it is nice to balance that with some levity, and Haschel certainly is the character to bring it. I'm really loving the effort you're making with Shana in particular, and I think the Haschel/Shana dynamic is very promising indeed. I do hope to see their training proceed in future chapters.

I also love how organically the Claire stuff is starting to come out. The game just kinda awkwardly shoehorned her storyline in, and it's always been one of the things I wish had been smoothed out better in the final translation.

Thank you for keeping up the terrific work, even amidst this quarantine. Stay safe, stay sane, and we eagerly await what's coming next.
6/25 c49 3Je t'aime Saku
Sorry for the late review... This chapter was really great and emotional! I love your writing more and more as time goes on, everything is so beautiful! I look forward to reading more :)
6/17 c50 Darkkrebs
REALLY hope the next chapter isn’t too long in coming, because that was rough to read.
5/28 c50 60D.J. Scales
Well that right there was harsh but The First arc is done. Now the Real Battle Begins.
5/5 c48 3Je t'aime Saku
I am so glad you are back, this was a very emotional chapter. I love those raw brute feelings coming out of Dart! Another wonderful chapter and I look forward to reading what you have in store for us readers. Welcome back!
5/3 c49 2Psifonian
I am delighted to see the quarantine hasn't stalled your creativity, and I am loving these moments that the game left unsaid and unexplored. I truly can't wait to see where you go from here.
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