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for A Wild Card in The Big Blue

1/9 c1 6TheClowningPrince
It’s a PIP-BOY
5/4/2020 c8 jardez
when are you gonna update the story
2/6/2020 c2 24The Baz
If your gonna write a Courier story you gotta use your own character as a template, it’s a right of passage as a New Vegas fanfic writer. If you don’t then how can we Shit on your characters build?
10/29/2019 c8 jardez
when are you gonna update your stories
9/21/2019 c1 doomqwer
hmmm an interesting story idea hope its not a dead story with how long since its been updated
5/27/2019 c8 Blaze1992
I wonder how many bodies Six will leave behind when he gets to the place with the bubbles and mass "hidden" slavery.
5/26/2019 c8 2MarcusAurelias
I cant wait to see two things each character kind of had their trail by fire moment regarding luffy nami was arlongs pirates and her keeping her home safe for example cant wait to see what you do with six second cant wait to see what you do to six with the 2 year time skip this is well written has good inclusion it doesnt feel like there is wall separating six and the others cant wait to see whats next.
3/23/2019 c1 Thehappyvampire
Eh. A bit too much of the info dump and went a little too fast on establishing shades of grey on the pirate and marine morality debate.
3/18/2019 c7 Blaze1992
Aww he didn't get smoker's jutte.

Also how the hell has he not killed anyone yet?
3/17/2019 c5 Blaze1992
Aww he didn't kill the marines and nab the money.
3/16/2019 c1 Blaze1992
There's so much wasted potential here.
You could've had the mist take the land of each FO game aka DC/Vegas/Boston and during the travel fused them together into a mega island. After which the 3 PC'S/MC's and their winning faction join up together to make the island home.

However later on the marines and pirates happen upon the mega island and try to force their will on the people which doesn't end well. Namely cause of the rad's of the island prevent almost all DF powers and haki ones from being used while on the island. Any devil fruit user goes "back" to normal as long as they stay there but if away from rad's longer than a week their powers come back.
3/12/2019 c7 Rakjo
So yeah awesome fic love to read it cant wait for more.
also im wondering if eventually you are gonna give six a devil fuit . cause something like a metal metal fruit or the weapon fruit from baby 5 would be fukken awesome
3/9/2019 c7 Guest
Very nice story. Keep it up. Made me smile all the way through.
2/12/2019 c2 yyzsong
pit boy? How on gods green earth do you mess up the motherfucking PIP-BOY? wtf? just how?
2/11/2019 c6 8UndeadLord22
Well, I think we’re gonna see those two Johnny and Yosaku later on huh? Nice
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