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for Two Ghosts

5/15/2019 c19 Roxy Lu
Great update! Can’t wait for more and to see what happens with Alex and obviously see what happens with britt and Santana now that they kissed and what not
5/14/2019 c19 Guest
This was such a great moment for Alex and Santana
5/14/2019 c19 Guest
Yasssss I love this for them. They’re both feeling the guilt of what they should’ve done back then but now is their second chance to do right by their student and doing things they never got the chance to do when they were her age when they were outed.
5/14/2019 c19 fate023
aww. Thank God Alex has them. great job on Santana's part. and yey for realizing that she is still inlove with Brittany! woohoo! it's great when you get excited and write and we get to read them sooner! thanks
5/14/2019 c19 burglover421
It is going to be interesting to see how they handle finding Alex a home and what Maddy is feeling. Thank you for the update
5/14/2019 c19 Lisa923
Back to back updates- and such a thoughtful and meaningful one for all 3 of them. The admissions and realizations for Brittany and Santana, and the support for Alex, great pep talk Santana. Great update
5/14/2019 c19 brittana.vcp
I love it
5/14/2019 c19 Mariu4
Santana is very sweet in this chapter and the way she thinks about Brittany and her relationship in order to have a second chance to be happy both! Thank you very much for uploading another chapter!
5/14/2019 c19 VonnieBoo
I wonder how this will tie into them working out their relationship. Clearly Brittany has some guilt about not doing enough for Santana, it'll be good to see talk it through in the future. Thanks for the chapter! Look forward to the next one <3
5/14/2019 c19 CRUMM-E
Okay, THANK YOU for having Britt bring up everything the Glee writers didn't lolololol God i Love this FIC
5/13/2019 c18 Mariu4
Very good chapter! I hope that Santana and Brittany can sit down to talk about their relationship since it is clear that both are willing to try again. And obviously somehow Santana is going to help Alex with his problem as he always does! Thank you very much for uploading another chapter!
5/13/2019 c18 Guest
Not sure how I missed the previous chapter but luckily I caught on that I must’ve missed something and went back a chapter to read it AND OH BOY THANK GOD I DID! They finally kissed and I somehow didn’t see the chapter update notification?! When Brittany said you missed I was like OH SHIT ITS GOING TO HAPPEN and it did! Anyway onto this chapter, I’m glad things didn’t become weird for them, I did expect some bad news from Brittany but it was about Alex so phew! So Brittana are going to be like their Holly to her back then, just more helpful and is actually going to be around longer lol.
5/13/2019 c18 myboy
one if the best stories I've read. great job, also I hope you continue with it.
5/13/2019 c18 fate023
OMG! Yes for Santana being mature about speaking about their feelings first before they advanced to something more. oh man, I am so sad for Alex if her parents are gonna kick her out. :(
5/13/2019 c18 Lisa923
was not expecting that ending to their thanksgiving adventures, but it was great, and looking forward to what happens next for Brittany and Santana, as in a same page conversation. And Santana is the perfect person to talk to Alex, and am interested to see what you have in store for us. Thanks for updating.
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