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for Two Ghosts

5/1/2019 c17 ffannattic42
Awwwwwww. Finally! Lol. Great ending to their Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see how things develop between them. Great update!
5/1/2019 c17 Cataplero
Omg this was perfect! It finally happened!
5/1/2019 c17 Guest
Finally! Don’t mess this up Santana!
5/1/2019 c17 Guest
Ahhhhh so good. Perfect. Thank you so much for keeping this story going.
5/1/2019 c17 Roxy Lu
Yay! Thanks for the quick update and finally something happen. Can’t wait to see how they are in the morning. I’m also really intrigued by what happen to britt during her time at MIT. Can’t wait for the next one!
5/1/2019 c17 fate023
wohoo! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! damn this was great! that's coming home! yessssss! thank you for updating!
5/1/2019 c17 CRUMM-E
"You missed" fucking anhilated me wow wow wow :') THESE TWO OH MY GOD the last line legit made me tear up OH MY GOD. i am filled with so many emotions. i'm doing to reread this chapter SEVERAL times. wow wow wow wow
5/1/2019 c17 VonnieBoo
Oh. my. god. That was the cutest chapter ! Brittany's sleepy "you missed". That "you're cute". They whole ending! It was the perfect "reconciliation", and so not what I expected. I just hope they don't get hesitant again and fuck it up. Can't wait for next chapter! <3
5/1/2019 c17 Mariu4
Yees, they finally kissed! I hope that from now Santana starts talking more with Brittany about her feelings and how they feel for each other! Thank you so much for update another chapter!
5/1/2019 c17 brittana.vcp
5/1/2019 c17 lesleytapia75
Ahhh literally cutest chapter yet the part about Santana dreaming but she’s actually just coming home I love this story it’s sooo good!
5/1/2019 c17 20Fever-Induced
INCREDIBLE ! I loved that Santana couldn’t realize if kissing Brittany was a dream or not! And first Brittany’s “you missed” that was really cute. this was so well written! can’t wait til Quinn find out about this lol
5/1/2019 c17 Tishamay
Finally! Great chapter!
5/1/2019 c16 Guest
Don’t apologize, it all good. I love that tension and I love how they’re together and alone in the house, mostly.
5/1/2019 c16 Roxy Lu
Great update! It will be interesting to see if anything happens next chapter.
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