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for Two Ghosts

1/24/2019 c4 franzih24
That is such a cool idea! Can’t wait to see them coach the team
1/24/2019 c4 burglover421
You have to love Sue lol
1/24/2019 c4 naynay1963
Ohhhhh. SO good. Really enjoying this. Grown up Unholy Trinity should be a blast.
1/24/2019 c4 bethybeth1234
I'm really liking what I've read so far and I'm excited to see where it's headed
1/24/2019 c1 snixxanator
So happy to see your writing again! Love this story so much already! Can’t wait for the next update!
1/24/2019 c4 CRUMM-E
I’m so INTRIGUED to see where this is going- I admit, I was hesitant at first, but YA GOT ME!
1/24/2019 c4 DeeKay93
Wow, I not did see that coming...but Coach Sue is totally crazy enough to request something like that. I love it!
1/23/2019 c3 alamoSAuRuS99
Okay Riz, hurt us more-_-
1/23/2019 c3 Guest
is it really gonna be a brittana fic ? because i feel that it's going to be more of a quintana and bram fic which are not really my OTP lol but i trust your writing so i'm sure you will come up with something good (but i really hope that bram is not happening because if they were together for 5 years i don't see why brittany would broke up with him now even if santana is back because she already choose sam over her and claimed to love him more and that's make me wonder how brittana could be happy with each other if brittany is already in a commited and loving relationship) i guess when angst is involved i'm scared and not patient at all lol but so excited to see what will happen next
1/23/2019 c3 Guest
Well damn that was awkward lol but I’m a sucker for stories about a couples break up and how they’re going to get back together
1/23/2019 c3 guest
very well written and interesting chapter, if bram is still on i wonder why would brittany want to break up with sam since she must have been happy during this 5 years, i mean even if she loves santana she still choose sam over her so i wonder how brittana could happen in this fic ?
1/22/2019 c3 Guest
Aw come on! Santana can't possibly be this pathetic. It's been years and she still sounds and acts like a teenager.
1/23/2019 c3 lordsnix
Poor Santana : (( Thank you for the update !
1/23/2019 c3 burglover421
Yikes Bram is like well just gross. I hope Q and S do not repeat Shue's not wedding reception! Thank you for the awesome update
1/23/2019 c1 ShipThatShips
Looks amazing can't wait! Happy brittanaversary!
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