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for Two Ghosts

9/12/2020 c24 Flmagic
Thank you for continuing. It helps the sadness, even for the time it takes to read this!
9/5/2020 c30 Guest
Phenomenal ending to a truly terrific story. The proposals had me in floods. Be very proud of yourself! :-)
9/4/2020 c30 brittsany
Loved this story and the Happy ending ! You are a great writer and I hope you will give us more to read ... sequel would be great thank you for this .
9/3/2020 c30 Guest
This was awesome. Well written and a great read. Thank you so much for writing This masterpiece!
9/3/2020 c30 Lisa923
Great ending. I enjoyed this story very much, thank you for sharing, especiallY during this time. Take care
9/3/2020 c30 goobjones24
good job my discord friend!
9/3/2020 c30 Supergirl2121
9/3/2020 c30 Guest
Omg the proposal was beautiful and perfect and the song choice was so perfect too, I mean “Mine” and ending the song with “I'll turn you into a bride” - chefs kiss. Thank you for this fic!
9/3/2020 c30 Mea27
great story! italian chef kisscan't wait for your next piece!
9/3/2020 c30 imnotcoolyet
Loved loved this story! The writing and everything about it! Thank you so much
9/3/2020 c30 loopy
Brava! Just... perfect. Congrats on finishing the story and thank you for sharing it with us all!
9/2/2020 c30 Guest
I’ve been a quiet fan for years but I just wanted to express how much I’ve appreciated your stories, they’re such a pleasure to read and so well executed! Like in this chapter when Santana started singing and I thought to myself no not this meme song but then it suddenly clicked and I was like this is wild Riz is a genius. I can’t wait for your next project, cheers!
9/3/2020 c30 Roxy Lu
I loved this story! Thought Santana’s proposal was perfect and loved that britt has the same idea! Sad it’s over but really enjoyed it
9/3/2020 c30 fate023
HOW DARE YOU!? Incorporating those lines?
"no matter how many times we've put our thing down and walk away from it, we can't"
ugh! the feels!
"i'm yours.."
"I dont wanna live my life without my one true love."
"fate laid a hand"


Thank you for writing this, it was a pleasure reading your stories and i can't wait for your next project!
9/2/2020 c30 RememberDecember143
What a lovely ending and aww I knew Santana was gonna pop the question but she did it in such a cute way but I had no idea Brittany was gonna pop the question as well Aww loved the ending. Great story so glad it ending in a happy ending. Thank you for continuing and finish hope all is well :) 3
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