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1/31 c4 1nofirekiller123
6/10/2019 c4 1atchoum35
Fun story. Thanks
4/28/2019 c4 1Kargan3033
This is a very well done story I'm looking to seeing more of this fine story.
4/24/2019 c4 1Ace of Hate
The whole time, I was giggling to myself, and I usually don't giggle.
4/15/2019 c3 Silver 125
Liking the style of your writing, and the general direction of the story so far. Hoping to see this continue.
4/15/2019 c3 sonic
good chapter!
4/15/2019 c3 Ace of Hate
More action than I wanted, I mean, Orks? Jk, well done. I also like the fact he got a huge promotion.
3/16/2019 c2 1Malgrath
Very good I can't wait till the next update
3/16/2019 c1 Malgrath
Question. Who is Sybil?
3/9/2019 c2 sonic
I liked the chapter!
3/8/2019 c2 1Ace of Hate
Exactly what I was expecting. Bit more action would be appreciated, but not required.
3/5/2019 c1 Spartan-A312
Please Update!
2/3/2019 c1 1RamboArminius
I love stories where you have a person from the real world getting trapped in the 40k universe! It’s a real pain trying to find them.
2/1/2019 c1 Fortitude501
Now this is the kind of Self Insert i want in my 40K fanfic.

It could be potentially be better than EclipsePheniox; "Trapped in 40K".

The same story that erttheking likes to tear it apart in his story:"Avoiding stupid deaths in the 41st Millennium" with absolute gusto.
1/29/2019 c1 1Kargan3033
Not bad, not bad at all for a first time WH40K story I look forward to seeing more of this fine story.
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