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10/6/2019 c6 my-secret-garden
Well, after how season 3 ended it does feel quite wholesome to have some nice Hopper and El moment
Glad you’re back!
9/19/2019 c6 5BadWolf85
Ahhhw... so sweet :)
9/18/2019 c6 18darthstormer
What a sweet and tender evening. Nice job capturing El's conflict of whether or not she should be trying to win the game of checkers or not. It feels good to have these moments of El and Hopper figuring each other out, knowing where everything winds up.
9/17/2019 c6 6Shian1998
Another great chapter! Liked when Hopper brought the video games and talked about getting educational books for her. Felt bad for El for having been conditioned to expecting to do tasks whenever she was given something, and for not knowing if he wanted her to win or not. Also feel bad for Hopper for not knowing what's making El wary of what he's bringing her. Glad she ended up enjoying the games, and liked when she and Hopper sat watching the TV together before they fell asleep.
9/17/2019 c6 4mugglemom2
Love this chapter! Please update again soon. Thank you!
9/7/2019 c1 7DeutchRemy
Do you think El's willingness to undress in front of the boys and here in front of Hopper is an indication that she was sexually abused at the lab?
9/5/2019 c5 5BadWolf85
Great story. Love Hopper :)
7/6/2019 c3 68TolkienScholar
That first paragraph was such a gorgeous characterization of Hopper through the lens of his grandfather. I liked the "gruff curmudgeon" bit, because let's be honest, Hopper's kind of one, too. I think the reason Hopper realized that moving to the cabin "was the act of a grieving man protesting the injustice of having to go on living after the loss of his wife" was that he can identify with that feeling after having lost his daughter. And the idea that taking care of Eleven was a way of making his grandfather proud just breaks and warms my heart at the same time.

"as though, when in doubt, she just agreed with him to try to placate him" / "Hopper didn't expect her to express any objection regardless of her personal feelings on the subject." - Yes! Good job, Hopper; I'm so glad he's picking up on these things. He's going to have to learn to pick up on the nonverbals and on what's going on behind what she says because her actual verbal skills are so low.

Lol, did you mean for her mispronunciation of "dictionary" to be... that? I mean, it could be, but I imagine Hopper would probably crack up or at least smile in that case (he seems like the kind of person who would find that amusing). Or you could spell it as "dix" or "dics" or "dicsh" or something like that.

Wow, this hurt my heart: "She nervously wondered what Hopper would want her to do to earn so many new things" (btw, the period is missing at the end of the sentence). But the lack of any rules that "sounded like it benefited Hopper at all" or forced her to do something to earn his approval does seem to have given her a bit of a clue that he is "a friend like Mike."

Another gorgeous chapter! Well done!
7/4/2019 c2 TolkienScholar
You do such a good job portraying how disturbing Eleven's life was without her entirely realizing the extent of it. I particularly liked this line: "Nothing can hurt you because your Papa is always watching. Always." You start off thinking he's saying something comforting and then quickly come to realize it's actually quite creepy.

I had to smile at her thinking that Hopper's snoring was a wild animal. :) I love that she observes him through the lens of comparison with her Papa, which is probably mainly because Dr. Brenner was pretty much the only person she knew for a long time, but it also kind of suggests the idea of Hopper becoming her father figure in his place. But she's far from trusting him yet - she pretends to be asleep in case he'd be angry at her staring, and she considers running away while he's in the bathroom. But the worst was how she compared his smiling when she answered him to "Papa also liked it when she agreed with him," and how she thought he was going to be angry at her for asking about Dr. Brenner. She's used to having to perform, to do the right thing and say the right thing or be punished, and it doesn't occur to her that Hopper might just be smiling because getting a response means she's opening up a little or might be angry at Dr. Brenner, not her. He's going to have to work to earn that understanding from her.

Ooh, I love how you brought it back around to "Papa is always watching. Always." Definitely creepy.

This was a fantastic line: "It was messy and disorganized, and even once it was picked up and swept, it was still rough and lived in. Eleven thought the cabin was a lot like Hopper himself." It shows that Eleven's beginning to understand who Hopper is a little.

Okay, I can't comment on every little thing or we'd be here all day ;), but your characterization of Eleven is fantastic. She's grown up in an extremely abusive situation, and her ability to trust is going to be severely hampered by that. Furthermore, she really doesn't understand a lot of what's going on and can't make sense of a lot of interactions the rest of us would find normal, so she tends to interpret situations as being dangerous even when they're not. But she is beginning to put together the clues and at least have some hope that things are getting better for her, laying the foundation for the relationship she and Hopper will eventually build. And Hopper, fortunately, is at least able to pick up on the fact that something is off, though eventually they will have to clarify their differences in perspective on what's going on: she thinks she's in captivity again, he only wants to protect her; she thinks he's setting her tasks to do to please him, he's just trying to keep her entertained and keep her from being anxious.

Amazing job once again; I look forward to reading more! :)
7/3/2019 c1 TolkienScholar
This was really, really sweet and precious. I adored the whole dynamic between Hopper and Eleven in the show, but I never thought to wonder about that scene, and it makes me happy to read a story that so perfectly fills in the gap. I was a little surprised at first at your use of omnicient narrator (I almost never see that, and especially not in fanfic), but I quickly realized that it really was the best possible choice, because we need both Eleven's and Hopper's perspectives to really understand what's going on in this scene. Eleven is afraid, unsure whether or not to trust Hopper, and we need to hear those frightened thoughts, the anxious calculation over whether to ask for something as simple as leaving the door open, to appreciate how profound her decision to trust him is. Hopper is unsure of himself, trying to combine his police training and his rusty skills as a Dad to try and do what's best for this little girl who's in some ways a totally unknown entity and in some ways a painful reminder of the daughter he lost, and we need to see his vulnerability and uncertainty to appreciate just how special this interaction is. I loved how you ended it: "He might be cursed, but she was doomed. / He would have to take the risk." Altogether, this was an absolutely fantastic chapter, and I definitely plan to come back for more! :)
7/1/2019 c5 4mugglemom2
Enjoying your story!
7/1/2019 c5 1diapason
ohh, poor eleven, break my heart!
6/19/2019 c5 my-secret-garden
Oh, its nice to find a new chapter when exams keep coming up, at leas one way to relax a bit. This was a good idea to not only connect it to the previous chapter but also with the night Hopper was taken away. Not to mention how you once again portrai the relationship between him and El. I really want them to be happy in s3! Well, we will soon see what the show has in store for them.
6/18/2019 c5 tank03
This was brilliant. I love the idea that her trust in Hopper stems from her unwavering trust in Mike; there's something sweet about Mike still being a positive influence despite his absence.

I also loved the line, "As a matter of public safety, she needs to be recovered." I had not thought of that angle before, but there is some sense in the idea that the government would want Eleven wrapped up because of the harm she could possibly do to members of the public. Regardless of their reasoning, whether they truly cared about innocent people being hurt or whether they simply didn't want their cover blown, finding Eleven to protect the public is a novel point of view I had not previously considered. Well done!

Thanks for sharing. As always, your stories are exceptionally well written and a joy to read.
6/15/2019 c5 18darthstormer
Tender, sweet and sad having Hopper dig into her reactions to things. Love that first look at his interaction with Owens, knowing how that thread turns out in the end; from "she's dangerous" to "she's saving you."

Also, just a minor detail, but I love that you wove in Hopper's most distinctive characteristic: his utter inabiltiy to be allowed to finish a cigarette.
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