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5/17 c22 RFTL80
Your Pansy is one of the best written I have seen it on this site. Letting her have free reign to kick ass in a truly Slytherin manner is just awesome! Eager to see where she ends up.
5/16 c28 cameron1812
Ah yeah! Glad you are back! Love this. Harry, unflinching, taking action on front of Minerva. Draco's reaction to Snape not being there. Flitwick's speech. The Griff common room.. Amazing scenes. Love it, and thank you!
5/15 c28 3HP.HG. fan forever
Unless Professor McGonagall is different in Harry's first years of school of your story, he has no reason to believe anything would be done about Malfoy. Dumbledore would not hurt him and likely would just send him on his way.
It is hard to know what to think about Jamie and Trevor as we don't know enough about his background. Pampered prince he truly seems to be. Naive, definately.
5/15 c28 Ecks Serevi
really enjoying this story, thank you!
5/15 c28 Alostdonkey
Damn this fic is amazing
5/13 c28 VeronicaD13
Oh just got caught up and wow! Yeah Malfoy's gonna die! Lol! What the hell was McGonagall thinking?! Oh wait, NM! Dumbles thinks for her! Well either way this is going to be good!

Lol Colin has the right of it doesn't he? And it's only day 1... Wonder if James will wind up teaching potions? I mean Lilly is doing what exactly? Should be interesting!

Can't wait for more!
5/12 c28 5invisibledictator
Oh this is EXCELLENT. I stayed up far later than I meant to reading this. Please update soon- Harry on a mission is absolutely delightful.
5/12 c28 7Maxennce
Great chapter, glad to see Harry taking action because we all know that the deputy headmistress doesn’t wipe her arse without Dumbledore’s approval
5/11 c28 So long ago
So... what do we have to do to get you back on writing?
Yes... I’m bargaining
5/11 c28 bombbastik
I hope Draco is killed, always hared the ponce; both the fanfiction version of him, and the movie version. if not killed, at least captured. thanks for the chapter!
5/9 c28 Guest


One of my top two current favorite fics updated!

(I'll be back later with a less exuberant and more constructive review...)
5/10 c28 HartleySkarsgard
What an incredible read so far! You’re a very talented author and I’m glad I started reading this. So few fanfics are worth the time these days when they fall into smut and nonexistent arches, or are abandoned altogether. I especially like Harrys bond with the Colonel and how much Sirius has grown up. Adding this to the favourites so I can see the next update : )
5/10 c28 karazifan
Draco is such a jerk, as are all the dead eaters.
I like the story. Thanks for writing.
5/9 c1 1aPancake
I like the concept if the story, but the bashing nature diminishes the rest of it for me.
5/9 c28 Ann Jinn
Great story. Interesting that for all the elder Potters planning how I'll prepared the two boys are for Hogwarts. They still seem to expect their special aura to carry the day.

Glad to see nothing slips by Luna.
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