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5/13 c32 sighing-selkie
5/11 c32 Dontreallyknowtbh
I first found this story 3 days ago, and having read it all since then I have to say that this is easily one of the best things to come from this fandom, and I despise that the idiots are giving you hate
5/10 c32 Shelleykids
Not sure what having a Trans daughter, has to do with others. Some people are just nasty.
Like the story, Wish this update had a bit more of clearing the cliffy left with last time hahah
5/8 c32 BadAZKenB
Best wishes to you and your family. I look forward to seeing updates to this story a you are able to publish.
For now, I'll check out your other stories. Thanks for a very well written story.
5/7 c22 BadAZKenB
This is truly an exciting story. Looking forward to catching up on the re-reading and getting to the newer chapters I haven't read yet.
5/7 c32 Ryoji Mochizuki
quite interesting.
5/7 c32 Kalstorm99
Great chapter.
5/7 c32 IloveHeat
I’m definitely part of the 95%.
This story is amazing. The characters are interesting and the underlying tension in the storyline makes me want to read faster.
I’m sorry you have to deal with actual hatred. I stand with Charlus Potter. And Harry. And Ambrose. I stand for freedom.
Thank you for writing characters that inspire people to be better.
5/6 c32 Leafyeyes417
It’s sad to say that there will always be haters. If only they would take that energy and put it into something productive.

Thank you for continuing this, even if it is hard. I honestly think by this point that while J.K Rowling brought the HP universe to life, that it has grown far beyond her and moved out of the house. Lmao, I hope you can continue in the fandom after finishing this story, but if not no worries.

Thanks for the chapter, but not the cliff from last chapter XP
5/6 c18 BadAZKenB
Backtracking into earlier chapters to refresh my memory of the story as I have been reading other fics. One thing that I can't stop thinking about is: Why doss Neville remember Trevor but Harry was clueless about having a twin? They were both the same age at the time of separation. Anyway, back to the story.
5/3 c1 Too much
I have now tried to read this five times. It is just too convoluted to get through. The Potters and Dumbledore knowingly abandon the son to monsters and a brother to Azkaban, staining their souls. I want to point out that the other brother is old enough to know this whole situation is wrong, so I do not see him as innocent. You go further and have James Potter scar Harry's face with a mark known to wizardkind as something beyond foul. Lily does nothing. Call it AU, call it fanfiction, but regardless of your excuse, any good story needs some sense of believability to follow.
5/5 c32 Jemma Blackwell
Some great letters there, a lot to think about. The onr from Alice was the most intriguing.
5/4 c32 ShadowCub
Fantastic, so lil Rose is alive?
5/3 c15 moodiblue
5/3 c32 skydragon7
great story loving it so
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