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1/18 c27 Thenchick
I’m just glad that pansy stopped dumb,es from getting his way.
1/14 c11 3Requiem-of-Forsaken-Life
So, let me get this straight:

Your version of Harry is a liar? Or only has a spine when it's "convenient" for him (or you)?

You *just* had him tell James Senior that he (James) was on probation for the duration of the war. Harry had also ordered James Senior not to take any action against him (Harry).

Why give those instructions and impose "probation" if there's not going to be any follow-through?
1/11 c27 Bronze
Damn! I'm now eagerly awaiting your next update! I want to know who Draco's after. Though I also want to read the battle between Harry and Vultureworst. I'll have to go back to the first chapter to see if you have the Horcruxes in this or not as I don't remember. I read too many stories at a time to keep all the facts of one straight all the time. But I do pretty good job of it most of the time.
1/11 c26 Bronze
Only thing to say about ol' Fumblemort and his side of the war is " None so blind as those that will not see. " Hopefully, with more exposure to Harry and his way of thinking, Jamie will pull his head out and ignore almost everything ol' Fumblemort and James say and start thinking for himself. Fumblemort seems to want to save the Death Eaters because they're " old " families with wealth and political power. He fails to see just what they are doing to the magical world around him. I can see Harry first asking Katie what types of brooms their team needs and next saying he doesn't care where the brooms come from. He'd order them from France it that was the closest place to get them and to hell if the Headmaster screamed because they weren't " good English " brooms! Of course, James Potter would get in n the act for the same reasons. Though, I think Harry would ignore both ad get the brooms anyways.
1/10 c27 bloodsword007
when I started reading this story expected to skim the first 2-3 chapters and then stop reading it because of some trope that as written badly, however, this story defied most expectations and is very well written. Excellent job!
1/10 c27 12Fencer22
Fuuuuuck gas the room with aerosolized sleeping potion and wait for the potion to wear off. Shady as all fucking hell, possibly dangerous given dosages are supposed to be a thing, probably not possible let alone practical... summon all the wands? Nah. Blah, fucking Draco.
1/7 c25 Bronze
I Diggle's granddaughter truly on the side of the Light or is she stupidly supporting Fumblemort's failed plans? I find it truly amazing that nobody has asked why the Potters and Longbottoms abandoned one of their heirs at thee headmaster's orders? Nor why the Potters continue to allow him to dictate how the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter is run. After thinking about those question I came to the conclusion that they are simply blinded by the old frauds supposed reputation. He lost the first war with Riddle and his followers and is repeating the same mistakes he did during it.
1/9 c26 1D72
"Hey Dipshit" is some of the finest warmth I've seen in I'll say an entire decade.

Deft fuckin' typing fingers you've got, author. I applaud you.
1/9 c25 D72
I kind of like the idea of a Draco, distanced from daddy, seeing his mother mutilated, and going absolutely insane.

Honestly it depends on if he's already marked. Canon Draco was conflicted.

This Draco? Eagerly waiting to see.
1/9 c23 D72
I am incredibly pleased that Snape AND Black are on Team Wildcard, bitches!

Jimmy and Toad boy engaging in a sudden act of decency is also heartwarming.

Fumblemore is a fucking lich in this setting and I don't like him.

I wonder if Jimmy and Toad boy will realize the absolute threat they present to the two people they should actually be backing.

I'm sure Harry and Nev have already mapped out shot groupings, despite the fact it would destroy them.

I voted. None of the local measures I liked passed. All the ones I voted against did pass.

But the main US vote went the way I liked.
1/9 c22 D72
Holy crap, Sirius is about as good a turn for Rooky as Trevor was a bad turn for Pansy.

Wildcard, bitches!
1/9 c21 D72
Muggle BRAWL, I was hoping one of the obliviator idiots was dead.

Bit alarming Mr. Rookwood isn't stepping in from the cold, but considering the creatures he may have encountered, he was unknowingly prudent here. I wouldn't want to deal with the Order in this yarn.

The Dark Mark info puts paid to the imperious excuse.
1/9 c19 D72
I love Ramsey's response to destroying a horcrux. I'd probably have the exact same reaction.

Actually, I'd probably say "Holy shit" after blowing away a snake that big, no screaming wraith required.
1/9 c18 D72
Reminds me of the end of Tomb Raider II. Nice big house, plenty of room to... TAKE OUT THE TRASH.
1/9 c16 D72
Wow, spinning wheels of madness and Luna's like "what the fuck."
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