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9/6 c5 RDDash
I don't like abusive Dursleys trope, that's a pure fantasy in my opinion.
9/6 c32 nintschibintschi
Hope you update soon again I really love this story your fan nintschi
8/22 c32 16FlowerChild23
oh man. This should be really really interesting. I honestly can't wait to see more. I really want to see all of this blow in the faces of James, Lily, Frank and Alice's faces. I honestly expect Neville will be disowned or disown himself rather than follow Dumbledor.
8/20 c32 Reets
I am very sorry that you are having a hard time separating the art from the artist. I hope you find your way to continuing your writing in Rowling's world despite the evidence of her being a fairly miserable person. I have gained a great deal of pleasure reading your "Who Dares Wins" and hope it reaches completion. Ignore trolls on ffn The internet allows too much lip from ignorant people.
8/16 c32 9sherryola
Wow! I wish I'd check the last update date before starting. I love this story. I haven't loved a new to me HP fic this much in years. And now, it's over a year since the last update. Even if you never finish this, I want you to know how great I think this is. Different and enthralling, every chapter. fantastic!
8/16 c17 sherryola
Oh my! I didn't see this one coming. more despicable behavior by Dumbledore and these families. I'm no Dumbledore fan, after reading the canon series. Leaving Harry to be raised in an abusive home, raising him to be the "pig to slaughter" as Snape stated, Never bothering to find out if sirius really had betrayed the Potters, something my head canon tells me was purposeful so Harry could be raised in misery, instead of loved and protected. So, I love your twists!
8/16 c11 sherryola
I'm really enjoying this story! I didn't think I would because I tend to support James and mockingly call Lily "the sainted Lily", because my mother didn't want to raise a disabled child, but my dad stepped up and gave me everything I needed. But this story is so powerful and I like the twists. I find James jr interesting and hope for a bond between the brothers. and in particular, I love that Sirius and Harry are close and Sirius puts Harry's well being first. Great story.
8/5 c32 pollyped
love the story.
your writing style is a joy to read.
i'm looking forward to the rest of the story.
thank you!
8/1 c13 Small Potato of Defiance
Oh, GOOD. Lily not only deserves to be slapped, but I'm glad it was Petunia who did it.

Perhaps unpopular opinion, but I've always, from first reading the first book, felt incredibly sorry for Petunia and Vernon (and Dudley). They never wanted anything to do with the wizarding world. Their idea of bliss was to be boring and normal, and what's wrong with that? If Harry had not been left on their doorstep and forced upon them, their lives would no doubt BE boring and normal. Dudders might even have been raised right and not been indulged in so much. Everything that happened to him was a direct result of his parent's utter helplessness and despair in having been saddled with a boy they were terrified of. Yes, disliking a child and favoring one over the other is not nice, and giving the favored one TWO rooms while giving the despised one the cubbyhole under the stairs borders on abuse (in the books they never starve nor beat Harry, they simply give him less then their own son, which is horrid enough). But - and this is my point - if Harry had NOT been forced upon them, they would never have dreamed of doing such a thing to a child.

There's a great fic by... sorry, forgot her name... where Hermione goes to talk to Petunia after the war and the fic cleverly connects the Dursley's treatment of Harry with the old folklor about changelings. A changeling was believed to be a fairy that had been left in place of a human (typically a child) stolen by other fairies.
After all, Lily had been a normal child that had been 'taken by the magic folk and returned unrecognisable', and Harry was a child with a curse scar who screamed and cried a LOT, so they had to put him in the smallest room the furthest away from their own bedroom. Strange things happened around him and he spoke of flying on a motorbike etc.
We know folklore is not real, and we know that burning children like Bridget Cleary because you believe her to be a changeling is wrong, but Vernon and Petunia know that magic is real, even if they don't know specific about the magic world. So to them he is a changeling. A terrifying freaking moster Thing, which they have to care for but live in terror of.

As I've said, I've always felt very sorry for Vernon and Petunia. We tend to read these stories from the perspective of the protagonist, and seldom place ourselves in the shoes of the antagonist. Well, I do, but I'm contrary.
7/27 c16 BlazeStryker
Headbastards must DIE.
7/27 c13 BlazeStryker
The back foot does not often allow for decent perspective.
7/26 c32 her-my-own
7/20 c32 Keronshara
The sad truth is that humans suck far more often than not. [I've got a t-shirt that says "Books - because people suck" & it's sad how true that statement is.] I'd say it'll get better, but people just seems to be getting worse in recent years. [Sorry I'm not being very encouraging.] Don't let the bastards get you down.

I've enjoyed this story a lot. I'm disappointed that it's been so long since it's been updated, but I can understand how real life, the muse, and other factors can prevent/delay a writer from updating or finishing a story. [The reader in me is crying & wailing about having to wait for the next chapter, and still hasn't learned to not start unfinished stories if she doesn't want to have to wait for the next update. Over 20 readers of reading fanfic & I still haven't learned to avoid unfinished stories.] I've enjoyed your other stories too. Thanks for sharing them with us.
7/20 c32 1WBH21C
So very well done!
7/14 c32 Lola Krantz
This is a wonderful story. please update. I want to know what happens next.
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