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for Troublesome Flowers

6/27/2022 c2 7Sunrise109
I really enjoyed reading this :) it was cute but funny at the same time that Temari’s mere presence reduced Shikamaru to speechlessness and that she ended up proposing to him in the end, after pretending to almost break up with him. What a twist :D It was fun!
6/27/2022 c1 Sunrise109
haha, I loved this! It made me laugh :) I think it’s adorable that Shikamaru, the lazy genius, made this little mistake. I think Shikamaru and Temari are so sweet together
4/13/2020 c2 3flowersandswords
This is so good, I wish there was more! I really enjoy the way you write, it’s easy enough to keep me reading and well written at the same time!
3/10/2020 c2 10AraelDranoth
Excellent work as always. I love the theme of International Flower Day and the 'lost in translation' situation you created in this story.

Your characters were spot on and it was nice to see Shikamaru get some attention. He doesn't get too much these days ;)

Keep up the good work.
You sure you don't want to keep going with this one?
2/20/2020 c2 1PsychoBride
This is the best ShikaTema fanfic I've ever read! The characters are exactly as they should be and I'm too eager to read all of your stories!
10/21/2019 c1 10AraelDranoth
Another excellent piece of work as usual. I think your characterization of Shikamaru is as close to spot on as it can get. ShikaTema though, that's a new one for you I think. Branching out?
9/7/2019 c2 17Pixie07
Very lovely and funny story. Knowing how this couple is, I pretty sure things could had beed similar to this. Loved reading this very much.
7/30/2019 c2 34Pandasushiroll
First of all this was really sweet. I loved it! I'll admit even though I like this pairing I've never read anything for it before. I think you did a great job pinning down each character's personality. Shikamaru is particularly well done because I think it can be easy to mistake his laziness/passiveness as a lack of willingness to feel. I've always thought that as smart as he is he'd have trouble handling something like being in a relationship and all the nuances that go with it lol. So it was great to see that play out here. I liked the spins of the different interpretations of what recieving a cactus in each village meant as well. I also think the second part adds another layer of sweetness onto the relationship. It was fun to see Temari take charge and Shika leaning on his friend's advice. Great work!
7/24/2019 c2 5RushiAei
My gosh, this was so cute! I definitely laughed a few times :D So I honestly did not see the end coming with Temari doing her own thing but I shouldn't have been surprised. She is a bit more straightforward :)

It was hilarious what you did with Shikamaru and I loved reading his thought process, especially when he was freaking out in both chapters. It seems all three of the Sand Siblings like to give him a hard time, haha

Awesome creativity, I really loved this!
7/23/2019 c2 15naash
Gosh that was just so good.

I did not expect the plot twist at the end. It was an unconventional proposal but I like that Temari just takes an opportunity and really is not one of the girls who 'waits' for the guy to propose just cause it's what's expected.

I love how shikamaru fumbles over his words but yet manages to let her know that he loves her and still gives her her ring.

And Kankurou made this story comedic and I'm sure played a part in the rumours or re-telling of the proposal story.

Your grammar and plot is perfect as usual.

Thank you for the story.

7/22/2019 c2 18nibbler747
This was beautifully written! You could just feel the panic in Shikamaru, in what he wanted to do and say but his body and mind were not cooperating! It was so beautifully descriptive, and I feel like you captured these two just perfectly! Thanks for the lovely fic!
7/22/2019 c1 nibbler747
This was so cute, I loved that he gave her a prickly cactus as a gift. It seems so them for some reason. I didn't know the background of the cactus, and the interrogation scene was really well done. Thanks for the great story!
7/21/2019 c2 Lady Rini
Hilarious part two! I knew Temari would be the one to propose to Shikamaru. Now how do they explain this to shikadai. lol
7/21/2019 c2 4MLLu
I like how Temari took matters into her own hand. It is so like her. You nailed her and Shikamaru's personality perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this continuation. Just like the precious chapter this one is also light hearted and funny. It was definitely a joy to read.

As always you did a great job writing this peice! Thumbs up (ROCK LEE style)

7/20/2019 c2 187YenGirl
Ahh *takes a deep breath and lets out a satisfied sigh* You've done it again, made me grin and chuckle and shake my head and even shed a tear or two!

You really put the poor man through the wringer this time, and had a fun time doing it too! Well done! With the theme being Proposals, one can't have a simple fuss free one, right? It has to be humorous and memorable and cringing and embarrassing and tearful and everything it can possibly be! *grins*

Poor Shikamaru. His life was never the same after he forfeited his Chunin exam match to Temari way back when.

I liked how you cleverly linked his fiasco from the 1st chapter to this one. Shikamaru never makes the same mistake twice. Or at least he thinks he didn't LOL Did his research, endured all the tips and teasing, spent money, got heirloom ring, got cleaned up...

Too bad things never quite go his way when it's about Love.

That Kankurro! I just bet he took the opportunity to woo a girl that day, what with having stolen a bouquet of gorgeous roses from our poor leading man. Oh well, at least Shikamaru got what he wanted in the end.

I hadn't thought about what Temari would do (although I know you better than to believe those ominous sounding words that sent poor Shika into a tizzy) but yes, that sounds like her alright :)

All's well that ends well and what a lovely story to tell their children and grandchildren! Well, Temari would, but I'm not sure about Shika. At least he obtained a really good reason to save money on flowers in the future! :)

Hm, my own story was very was more like a given LOL so there wasn't much opportunity for misunderstandings. But Proposals is a great idea and you've nailed it as usual. Well done! *thumbs up*
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