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for I Miss You When You're Gone

2/14/2019 c1 Guest
yo fam itz lit
1/26/2019 c1 Laura
I know you're all caught up with Runaways and possible future Plumhedge fics, but... could you maybe, just maybe, give Marline, Mario x Pauline, another shot again? I'm dying to see someone upload a story featuring this pairing- the lack of that happening is sobering...
1/20/2019 c1 10TheGameNguyener
That lonely feeling whenever you haven't been able to see someone for months, independent of the reason, is always a pain. And even though their reunion wasn't long-lasting, it's better to see them for a short while than never. This was one of those relatable scenarios, and I enjoyed the context behind it all between these characters.

It's great to see you with another piece of writing after your hiatus. Take your time with the next upload, whether it's another Future fic or a new chapter of Runaways.

1/20/2019 c1 Pamitydesu01
Loved this! Glad to see you’re okay, take your time. It’s okay. I can totally see those two with those lines of work.
1/20/2019 c1 11Infinite's Ruby
I'm happy to see you back Steel. I loved this story. Sonic's and Mario's relationship is so well done, adding to some wonderful emotional depth.

I adored this story. I'll be looking forward to seeing your next work!
1/20/2019 c1 5SilverXephon
Hey Steel! Glad to see you back, it's alright if you're busy. Great work takes time they say :) I loved this story, the message of it hits with me so much. I'm guessing this takes place in the time where Bowser and Eggman aren't threats anymore, I could totally see Sonic as a famous rockstar touring the world XD Can't wait for your next work! _

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