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6/22/2020 c45 197Daisyangel
Glad they're making this day about something happy. I hope Annabeth gets into the school.
6/21/2020 c45 Guest
Good work.
6/20/2020 c45 Barbec
Glad to see an update and a sweet tender one at that. Looking forward to more soon thanks
6/20/2020 c45 71dragonsprit
Nice chapter can't wait for more.
3/23/2020 c44 197Daisyangel
Annabeth is so smart. I hope even though she will change schools that she'll still have Kay as a friend.
3/22/2020 c44 Guest
Good work.
3/22/2020 c44 Barbec
Great update you expect kids to have to learn not to be cruel but they never will when they have mothers like that.
3/21/2020 c44 71dragonsprit
Excellent chapter hopefully annabeth finds a challenge and kay sticks around can't wait for more.
3/20/2020 c43 197Daisyangel
Poor Annabeth, I hope she tells Eddie and Jamie what's going on eventually. At least she has one friend.
3/15/2020 c43 Guest
Good work.
3/15/2020 c43 Barbec
Good update I have a feeling a Jamie Reagan type temper blow out is on the cards from Annabeth. Thank goodness for Kay
3/14/2020 c43 71dragonsprit
Excellent chapter hopefully Anna beth opens up to Eddie hopefully anna opens up through her friend can't wait for more.
3/14/2020 c43 dorvell
Such a shame that Annabeth, right now anyway, doesn’t seem to exhibit that famous Regan temper; I was sure it would come out when dealing with those mean girls On the playground. Actually, part of me was kind of hoping it would but something tells me it probably will sooner or later. I’m glad she has someone like K for support, and hope their friendship continues to develop! I really like Kay’s mom as well; like you said in the chapter, she’s the only mother who treated Eddie like a human being.
3/11/2020 c42 197Daisyangel
I'm glad they talked it out. I hope things with Annabeth and school get better.
3/11/2020 c41 Daisyangel
Oh Eddie...
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