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8/25/2020 c1 10ConlonKeith
First of all I don't think that Bruce Wayne aka Batman has to ultimately make Selina Kyle aka Catwoman to choose between him as a Billionaire company owner and Vigilante Hero and her chosen career as a Thief/burgular especially since he could find out that by the year 2080 onwards the traditional forms of governments get replaced by Corporate/Company forms of governments with the company Share holders being government rulers/leaders. Therefore when he and Selina Kyle eventually stumbles upon Leverage Incorporated/International Bruce Wayne decides to allow Selina to continue her criminal activities as part of Leverage Incorporated/International as long as they and their decendants act as the behind the scenes robin hood style of checks and balances upon the wealthy and powerful upper class people and the corporate/company governments(such as Kaznia starting of Legends of Tomorrow, and Alchemax of Spiderman 2099) for the sakes of the common people with in both the middle class and lower classes. Plus I'm adjacent Peter Parker could turn out to be both Tony Stark's and Pepper Potts Starkbiological child and as such him and his Spiderman vigilante alterego has the mama bear and pappa bear benefits of protection against Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin, Jonah Jameson's criticism of Spiderman, and his besty friendships with Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson from the manipulations of Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin. Finally logically speaking it could also turn out Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat is actually the biological child of Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and the only reason that she ended up with the Hardy's is that as a few months old baby was kidnapped by the Hardy's from the Wayne Mansion.
4/3/2020 c1 Guest
4/3/2020 c5 5angelamorales514
Yay you’re back! Great sneak peek! Looking forward to the chapter!
10/11/2019 c4 angelamorales514
EEEEEEEK! This sounds like it's goung to be a great chapter!
10/7/2019 c3 angelamorales514
So happy to see a new chapter up! Im glad Bruce is by Selina’s side now
10/7/2019 c3 3Frostburn243
Geez that was intense, looking forward to seeing how these two get out of this. Glad to see this fic is up and running again!
9/23/2019 c5 Guest
Just read the first two chapters, its so good! can't wait for an update!
9/20/2019 c4 Stephanie
Is this going to be updated?
5/16/2019 c4 Charlotte
I know how you feel, make sure not to overwork yourself :)
4/29/2019 c4 Frostburn243
Thanks for the update. Believe me, I get it, adulting's a bitch lol. Take all the time you need!
4/26/2019 c3 Edith
Are you going to continue this story?
3/30/2019 c3 Muirnin Cocan
I Would rather have a chapter soon but I’m not going to worry about it because there’s a whole lot I can read
2/18/2019 c3 CharlotteKat
Oh lol, John Mulaney is a comedian and he uses that song in one of his skits called "The Salt and Pepper Dinner", you should totally watch it.
1/31/2019 c2
I really like the direction he's taking, I want to see how Bruce and Selina get together.
1/30/2019 c2 AUSTINROX5
in chapter 3 Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle argue and plan to take Jerome
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