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10/15 c41 1BOSS02109
oh, kuina. only you.
10/15 c41 2CureCaligraphy
HA! Oh, where else would she land, honestly XD
10/11 c41 Shadow.nao
OMG! I can't wait for the next chapterrrr!
10/9 c40 Ghouly-Girl
So yeah, I just binge read this, and I gotta say, it’s f*cking glorious. I cannot wait for you to update and see what you have planned next. Also I like how you are exploring possible ways for the character to us haki. Love the breathing fire thing.
10/9 c32 CharmingButIrrational
..ugh wish i knew the story would turn to shit before i read 32 chapters. Congrats on managing to trick me into wasting my life. Good luck with the story.
10/9 c31 CharmingButIrrational
Ahh so kuina is the super special SI who takes away the shine from luff and his crew. Got it.
10/7 c40 2Avisian
kuina going on a side quest and ditching zoro is so funny
i'm excited to find out if the side quest turns into a main quest!

yatsuki is like. you cannot kill me i am too powerful...i have lots of power...
and kuinas just like. i cast the spell of sanjuro hose accident
(on his heart)
10/5 c40 CaramelDragon
10/4 c40 1BOSS02109
yes kuina! it is your turn to get your main character shit! go off! my love!
in other news, i absolutely love the pragmatic way we view entering a relationship with zoro, it is very refreshing.
10/4 c40 1Sperare Fidem
Damn I love this story. Please continue, it’s so unique in how it was written. I feel it encompasses the whole, “Independent but with connected to the Straw Hats” trope I’ve been craving.
10/4 c40 ShineX
Yeah, I can see how things are going to go downhill quick on a slaver island. I approve wholeheartedly!
10/4 c32 FeyiAngel
Just have to say, I love this chapter and the way Zorro and Kuina interact (5th time reading it now)
10/3 c40 FeyiAngel
It's an awesome update! Thanks a bunch and please continue being great! I love your story and badass Kuina with all her quirks. Will she actually kill some slavers and burn down the island? Will Kuma send her away together with Zorro or somewhere else? I just can't wait to see what will happen! Here have some cookies for a story well done :)
10/3 c40 AnnaRozeDog
i had the best of luck found this story yesterday and you updated. i look forward to reading more:)
10/2 c40 I-Kan-Spel
Ok what. Is that her perfecting Yatsuki's technique :o

Finally Kuina accepting Zoro.
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