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for The Wild Card of Hogwarts

6/5 c14 Pecan Crisp
Penelope poisoned him? Wasn't she already dating Percy by this point?
6/5 c14 James Savant
Haru :D
2/17 c6 Anon
Really liking the story so far! That said, I do want to clear something up. The age of consent in Japan isn't 13. That's a meme passed around the internet based on old indvidual prefecture laws in specific areas of Japan. They haven't applied in over 100 years since the Meiji Constitution made sexual contact with anyone below 18 an act of Criminal Obscenity. Those individual prefecture laws haven't changed because there is no reason to, since the national laws override the local age of consent where applicable anyways.
1/26 c11 Cooldude98
Hello! I doubt this story is going to be continued, and even if it isn't, that's okay. I wished to check on you and make sure you're doing well, because you haven't been around since 2020 and I want to make sure you're doing well, my friend.
12/25/2020 c6 PersonaFan
I see the readers of this fanfic are men of culture when it comes to their Persona ships.
12/17/2020 c1 Guest
Akira seems too naive, like he's a rookie and not a seasoned veteran
12/17/2020 c1 Guest
First of all, you made AKIRA act like a fool. He's supposed to be charming, a debonair.
12/17/2020 c10 James Birdsong
Great story
12/17/2020 c10 PezBerryRocks121
Well isn’t this exciting? So happy to see this updated again!

Hmm, Fudge with a distorted heart? Yeah that scans. Might have to do something about that.
12/16/2020 c10 2DangerousFox682
I was just reading your book the other day- thank you for updating, it's really good.
By the way, I hope you and your fiancé are ok. Things have been rough
4/20/2020 c6 Mana
I have an idea for Rons Persona. Because he is shy, weak, why not have his Persona as Perseus, the Cyclop Slayer, or David, the Slayer of Goliath?
3/23/2020 c4 Itsybitsyshipper
I see that kh3 referance in chapter 4!you cant hide it from very cool that we get hermione as the wild tired of all the harry is this andharry is that.
3/21/2020 c9 kombatant88
for some reason, I think it'd be hilarious if Harry's Persona was either King Arthur or Merlin
3/1/2020 c8 5SongbirdStargazer
This story is great! I love that Hermione is the Wild Card instead of Harry. I love Harry, but I don't think Ron and Hermione get enough credit. Please update soon!
1/16/2020 c8 26kazikamikaze24
An awesome story so far. Sub earned!
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