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for His Only Foil Turned Asset

9/10 c3 ironhair
Going to check out your patreon, coming weekend.
Hope all is well.
8/22 c1 Leo73838
Imagine charging 100$ for 2000 words. Bro is on scam time. It's scamming time. Scam across the multiverse. Scamman. The con artist. I'ma bout to do a pro scamming move. Bro truly is a scammer of all time.
Anyways good scam bro
5/8 c5 Jostanos
Penny has a point, Harry, and Gabby does seem to be an excellent match for you. ;)

How may the mission go?
May harry find his own animagus form? If so what may it be?

The answers to these questions and more in the next chapter of:

His Only Foil Turned Asset!
Stay Tuned! :)
11/15/2021 c4 1TichePotato
Very cyberpunk. Almost feels like a Shadowrun crossover in a handful of ways.
10/29/2021 c4 ThingsCanBeTwoThings
I really want to see more of this story. For one thing, Gabrielle is a great pairing that is underutilized, but also, your AU is incredibly rich. Plus, I haven't been to HK since covid and this makes me want to go back.
9/23/2021 c4 Guest
I can't wait to see what happened to more of our fan favorite characters
Sirius/Remus are two since the group is called the Muraders
And the rest of the Red headed family since we know what happened to Charlie and Arthur
12/10/2019 c3 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Well, this is boring. Mainly Harry is.

Would have been so much more interesting if he was conscious and aware those 15 years. At least than he would be interesting as i imagine 15 years of complete isolation with occasional bouts of whatever Tom did to him would have left him rather insane.

Instead, we get a Harry who basically just slept for 15 years, doesn't seem to be any different from canon really and i guess will fight in a war that really has nothing to do with him anymore instead of just disappearing into the world and living his life.
12/10/2019 c2 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Biggest question here would be why would he even care.
12/6/2019 c4 3capctr
Is this story abandoned?
8/19/2019 c4 guest
so is harry in another cage ... a gilded cage but a cage non the less ... just because there are smiles and pats on the back does not mean people are your friend or have your best interest at heart ... and sorry the draco speech says to me that he will still smile in your face then stab you in the back
7/23/2019 c4 HeartsGlow
BTW, just FYI. Victor was 18 at the Tri-Wiz. So if Harry is soon-to-be 30, Victor is 34, or soon-to-be 34. And "a wizard of 1994 transported to 2009" is wrong. Harry was in the graveyard with Voldie May or June of 1995. So, it's now 2010 and Gabrielle is 24, or nearly 24. Yes, I'm nitpicking, but details are important. :)
7/23/2019 c3 HeartsGlow
This is very good, but what happened to Sirius and Remus?
7/23/2019 c2 HeartsGlow
Alright, it's 2010, fifteen years after May 1995, that means if the younger Malfoy is 12, she was born in 1998, the year the older ones would have graduated, so they became pregnant with her while or before they were in their last year of school. Scorpius is older so they had him at what? 16? Same with Dudley.
7/23/2019 c1 HeartsGlow
If it's 15 years later, Harry, Dudley, and Draco are only 29 which means two of these kids can't be older than TEN! (Draco's younger sister? 8? 9?) Wow.
5/13/2019 c4 2ArthurShade
A truly interesting story looking forward to the next chapter
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