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11/19/2019 c15 Guest
Very good story.
Loved it. Well written. Murphycat
11/19/2019 c6 Guest
Loved this chapter. Some of your turns of phrase are quite striking! Murphycat
5/19/2019 c15 7bobcatwriter
Great Job, I cant wait to see what you come up with next!
5/19/2019 c15 91oldmoviewatcher
Yay! You’ll be back with more! I really enjoyed this story of yours and am happy you’ll be returning to the fandom and my favorite OTP.
5/3/2019 c14 Hersheykitty3
Awwww! Finally, it's about time they got back together! This made me so happy!
4/27/2019 c14 Agni
This is a beautiful story and I've enjoyed it so much! Keep it up!
4/25/2019 c14 7bobcatwriter
I am sad that this is coming to an end... But I hope there will be more! Great job on the chapter I think that you doubt yourself when you shouldn't!
4/24/2019 c14 91oldmoviewatcher
Too cute!
4/13/2019 c13 7bobcatwriter
Oh Beautiful! I love it, please continue for more!
4/12/2019 c13 91oldmoviewatcher
Thank you!
4/7/2019 c12 7bobcatwriter
oh poor Hawkeye and Margaret, he is going to be too late!
4/6/2019 c12 91oldmoviewatcher
3/31/2019 c11 joel shell
Good chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
3/30/2019 c11 oldmoviewatcher
How could you do that!? Stupid MPs messing with my ship!
3/23/2019 c10 oldmoviewatcher
Okay! Now I want to know the secret! My mind is racing with possibilities!
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