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for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!

7h c43 2Shigeraki
What about the iron spider suit, wouldn’t Peter have taken it with him to the island to see if they had the tools there to fix it. Cause I’m pretty sure that the island has a lot more sophisticated tech than U.A. So there’s a better chance of fixing the suit if he tried to on the Island. So sort answer, where’s the suit and if he didn’t bring it, why?
6/30 c52 4LoneWolf427
Is there something beginning between Todoroki and Kendo?
6/30 c53 charmer3434
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the story. The way you have paced your story, developed your characters, etc has been masterful. I look forward to future chapters
6/30 c53 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
6/30 c35 2Shigeraki
Micro machines? Don’t you mean… NANO MACHINES SON!
6/30 c32 Shigeraki
Well actually Peter Parker from the MCU is 616 Peter Parker it was confirmed in the Doctor Strange movie that the MCU is the 616 universe. So technically they can’t get mad about it hot being 616 because he technically is 616 Peter.
6/30 c32 Shigeraki
I never want to read or hear someone calling Izuku a “Good Boy” ever again.
6/24 c11 pdena23
I didn't like that... but not because you're writing's bad mind you, it's just because Peter went through so much pain... it just hurt to read

You're writing's actually good, I like it
6/22 c44 AMurder0fCrows
that peice of shit aizawa. it's not any of his businessthe trashbag!
6/20 c38 AMurder0fCrows
I still don't like midoriya
6/17 c53 Guest
Me gusta mucho este fic, la verdad me encanta la participación de spider man dentro del universo de boku no hero, para ser sincera no me gusta MHA especialmente, pero con el agregado de Spidy esto se pone muy interesante, sinceramente pienso que spider man podría haber vencido uno a uno con el héroe Orca, espero que lo de nerfearlo no se haga tendencia y tome su lugar como el ace de la clase A, para terminar me irrita mucho Izuku y Ochako pero eso ya va por gustos, muy buen fic.
6/18 c53 Ralmon
It is an okay chapter. I'm not particularly invested in it but there is nothing terribly bad about it.

Still, many of the evaluations are questionable, for example Peter was marked for lack of leadership skills while Bakugo wasn't… and the rest for that matter.

Also, it also shows my problem with education in general. It has a one size fits all mentality where everyone is measured by the same measuring stick of a singular ideal. For example, everyone is expected to have leadership skills when in such situation where a group of people work together, only one leader is needed and thus only one person could show leadership skills; or, being put into vulnerable position to be saved is somehow a negative mark, even though, heroes are always put into vulnerable position to be saved all the time. That is to say, the education sector tends to have a very poor effectiveness in actually evaluating their subjects potential.

Not to mention, the top heroes have many of these issues that these kids have and they still manage to be at the top of the game. Even the mighty All Might would have failed this test hard. This clearly indicates that their criteria for evaluation in this test have little to no importance outside the academic life. Pretty much like modern education grading system,… and the education system in general. As everyone knows, academic qualifications doesn't guarantee success and people who looks to hire you put little value in them.

Overall, just okay. A pretty standard academic 'test' whose evaluations presents very little value outside the academia but we, sadly, could easily sympathize. We all have been there.
6/17 c48 7WriteAnon
This was a pretty chill arc. Glad to see how everyone trained hard and honed their skills, because I have the feeling they're going to need every last second of it for the trouble that's coming their way!

Great chapter, as usual.
6/17 c47 WriteAnon
That SpiDeku joke-shipping at the end had me grinning ear to ear.
6/16 c53 35Spiderfan626
It's all coming together to the grand conclusion to this part of this smash-hit series. Class 1-A all passed, even Bakugo. Looks like Monoma managed to have a rude awakening when he didn't pass, hopefully, that means he'll calm down the rivalry between the classes for the rest of the series. I doubt he will though. I felt really bad for Itsuka though. I was hoping she would pass too.

Poor Peter, Star Wars died out in that universe. I'd be upset too. But hey, he can revive the spark of the franchise by sharing it with his friends, along with Legos. He also learned of the psychologist that you've been setting up, well, he's not freaking out so that's a good sign. And the news that Momo was watching... something tells me she's going to play a big role in convincing Peter to see this psychologist while protecting his reputation. Loved the PeterXMomo moments by the way. XD

And hey Ochako is part of the big three... and all she had to do was tick off the number 2 hero and run for her life. Guess that's one way of getting attention. XD

Also, I feel you, I still feel lucky to get my hands on a PS5 last summer. Those things are hard to come by. Congrats on finally getting one. I hope you enjoy it. Until the next chapter, keep up the good work!
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