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21h c33 omiguh
I feel like mirko is being hypocritical. First off, he did ask for help. You just ignored him. And then you talk all that stuff about what if he dies. About how her ward, her rep, her ranking would drop. Wasnt she just the one to complain about having teammates? So what happens when she doesnt have teammates and something happens? Does she think constantly about death happening with each fight? I doubt it, constantly thinking about death puts you on the defensive and restricts your movements. Its not like he is against working with people since he saw midoriya and decided tonpartner up.
11/29 c19 omiguh
How fast is recipro burst? His 50 yd dash was around 36mph so let's say he went 90 mph, i feel like parker should have been fast enough to dodge quite easily. And even if he couldnt, with his strength i dont think ida could have made him move.
11/29 c18 omiguh
Honestly, this battle is just pissing me off. Peter has enough power to literally blow anyone's head off their shoulders as long as they dont have a quirk that boosts their constitution. And even deku with 5% could probably do the same. Maybe not blast it off but knock them out quite easily or concussions. Yet bakugo was able to kick midoriya, make him fly and crash into a window? BS. Peter could easily take out tetsutetsu and eijiro in one strike each. No dodging. He was able to stop a super soldier with an adamantium arm with no stress at all. Treating him like a joke. Metal boy and rock boy arent super and their quirks are average in the scope of things. If it was adamantium all over then maybe but it's just normal metal. Another thing that is annoying is peter is suppose to be at least one year older with a ton more experience, maybe im not noticing the time all that well but i feel like half of his fights should have been done within 3 moves. Part of me hate how peter didnt get a quirk when he respawned in this world, i was even hoping something would awaken during his usj accident but no...sadly, nothing happened. He was just nerfed because his suit is gone, which isnt saying much because sadly i dont consider either of these suits to be his tech/power. They are starks ability, not his. Now if he created either from scratch then fine. Honestly, i feel like he is going to have to receive a huge buff soon and by god if that buff is just karen then i will drop this. He practically already reached his full potential. How much stronger could he get? Maybe at best 10-15 tons, but that is nothing compared to the current all might, and deku will easily be twice as strong as the current all might when he reaches around 40%. His role will become obsolete. Unless tech us what will make him catch back up but then mine as well change the story iron man reincarnating in spider-mans body. Sorry just had to rant for a few
11/28 c1 adilsonbrazcj
AVISO! Continue lendo! Ou você morrerá, mesmo que apenas olhe para a palavra aviso! Era uma vez uma menina chamada Clarissa, ela tinha dez anos e morava em um hospital psiquiátrico, porque matou a mãe e o pai. Ela ficou tão mal que foi matar todos os funcionários do hospital, então o governo More decidiu que a melhor ideia era se livrar dela, então eles montaram uma sala especial para matá-la, o mais humano possível, mas deu errado. máquina que eles estavam usando deu errado. E ela ficou ali sentada em agonia por horas até morrer. Agora, toda semana, no dia de sua morte, ela retorna para a pessoa que leu esta carta, na segunda-feira à noite, às 12h. Ela entra no seu quarto e mata você lentamente, cortando você e vendo você sangrar até a morte. Agora envie isso para outras dez fotos no site, e ela irá assombrar alguém que não o faz. Aparentemente, isso não é falso, se você copiar e colar em dez comentários nos próximos dez minutos, você terá o melhor dia da sua vida amanhã. Obrigado 4
11/28 c2 3UA Alumni 1998
Ok, that was awesome!

Quite frankly, I tend to get nervous when writers start throwing in their own characters, cause there’s a lot of risk regarding Mary sue’s and junk. But your use of a mangaka in police work is brilliant! I was laughing my ass off with him when I saw everyone react to Peter’s story. It’s a brilliant way to prove who Spider-Man is and where he’s from without risking a break from continuity or the characters just knowing things randomly, both of which tend to break the immersion of the story. Instead, it felt like I was in the room alongside him watching intently as one page is drawn after the other, which is beautiful!

And that my friend earns you a new follower! Keep up the good work!
11/23 c5 Yui the Starlight Kitsune
Hm, if there is one thing that bugs(hehe) me, is that having fun is not something one can do, I mean what's the harm? It's not like he is doing badly in any way shape or form. It just kinda got to me because my motto is to have the most fun you can.
11/21 c59 ledesmajoaquin418
Wow, simplemente no pensé que Matías a Mirko fue un resultado inesperado muy bien ejecutado

Gran capitulo sigue haci, nos vemos en un par de meses
11/21 c59 1Eldaxerus
Well, that was an absolute blast. The beginning is a little rough, but I've just pulled an all-nighter reading this from start to end, so... eh, good job I guess.

I can't stress how happy I am to see this Peter/Momo pairing.
11/14 c20 2kishinokurobi
I know that it won't happen and you're 34 chapters past this, but it would be the best thing ever for Pony and Momo to confront peter with a "You need to choose me or her!" moment only for him to respond "...Sorry, but I've been dating Mei for a while now..."
11/12 c59 15ahsoei
Holy fu**ing shit.

But this makes me question of what will happen to Peter in this story when the events of Endgame finally takes place?
11/10 c59 Julyus27
jajajaj muy buen capitulo bro gracias por actualizar y esperando el proximo con ansias
11/8 c57 9Emrys Akayuki
Last review was harsh, I'm still done, but that was overly angry, I'm sorry. Doubt you'll see any of these anyway, but I wanted to say that, and good luck with this and whatever other stories you do.
11/8 c56 Emrys Akayuki
Geez, do you enjoy anything? This is a chore to read too.

I'm done. Thanks for the ride, but your passion has died in bitterness for some reason I can't understand, and it comes through in your story so clearly, maybe you're just a bitter dude looking only for the worst in what you used to enjoy, idfk, I'm not gonna psychoanalyse you.

You're a great writer, but the joy is dead. Idk why you didn't just do whatever non-canon in the first place, if that's what you wanted to do. It's a fanfic. You could have from the start.
11/8 c55 Emrys Akayuki
I wish you would actually stop commenting on the mcu, y' tangents are a real buzzkill, man. Only catch a word or two skipping through and it's still annoying.

Why the villains all gotta be racist? And inaccurately racist at that. Mirko ain't half japanese. She's from a tropical Japanese island.
11/8 c53 Emrys Akayuki
I'm confused by this plot line. Hounddog is a counseler in canon? They just don't have that stigma, I mean, even if they did, it's dumb to say that people fighting monsters don'thave emotional reactions to that. Really hope this doesn't become more of a thing than it is.

Not that you're portraying the dumb opinions good, but it's weird that the opinions exist at all. Feels like twenty years ago. Or when they threw soldiers to the curb after ww1.

Idk, feels put of place.
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