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for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!

13m c42 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
great action filled chapter
9h c13 MaraudersManager
My face hurts from smiling so much GAWSH IM SO HAPPY THIS BOOK IS SO GOOOOD
5/14 c46 Guest
Please update this story is incredible!
5/14 c46 Guest
This was great! Can’t wait for more!
19h c33 20thepkrmgc
So I think that mirko has a point here, just because a gamble worked out in the end doesnt mean it was a sensible choice to begin with.
22h c14 28bmidd111
All Might lost hos stomach to his injury, he can't eat normally.
5/14 c46 4El Publicano
Joder, me consumí está historia en menos de 5 días. De verdad, esto es un buen material, eres genial.

PD: No sé que planes tengas, pero te digo que en mi mente HatsumeXPeter es real ;)
5/13 c46 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
5/13 c29 20thepkrmgc
props on mirko for calling peter out on his mistakes, he's certainly got a lot to learn
5/13 c28 thepkrmgc
props to orca for helping bakugo help himself, and to peter for being honest about his feelings
5/13 c37 Ms.Wednesday
Ok but, snipe calling her darlin’ is literally everything, so stink’n cute! and it’s not romantic it’s strictly platonic like a father daughter kinda thing, WAAAAAAAAH I’m obsessed
5/12 c46 16Luiniliel
great update!
5/12 c26 20thepkrmgc
it should be good for peter to have someone he can talk too without all the layered secrets and lies
5/12 c6 MaraudersManager
As I read this book im realizing how dramatic Izuku really is.
5/12 c12 3LoneWolf427
In his weakened state, the League got the best of him. But this was only round one. And next time, I know Spider-Man WILL be the victor of round two
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