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for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!

13h c41 8CRUDEN
Fantastic chapter, the dreaded bow tie is a challenge.
11/27 c41 YouKnowWhoIAm
Holy shit are we gonna see Maiya in action like the Black Widow? I would like to see that. Great job with the chapter by the way, screamed for a whole minute the moment I saw your chapter and screamed again for a whole 15 minutes when everyone reacted to Karen. Although there's a lack of reaction at that moment, maybe we'll get the rest in the next chapter
15h c41 Mernom
I had a revelation: the whole idea of Quirkless people not being able to be heroes? Pure BS. If someone like Mineta can bev a hero, no reason why a well trained martial artist can't.
Sir Knight only had a limited form of pre cognition, his physical ability was still vanilla human. Laser Naval dude is even more limited. Momo as well: as impressive the ability to have gear on demand, she still has to know how to use it. And that's got nothing to do with Quirks.
16h c40 jbe275
had to skip your author note because I saw you were talking about the manga, lol. (anime only watcher)
glad to see you're back :)
23h c41 5SammieTheWonderFox
'Eggs Benedict', oh my god I can't even right now.
11/28 c41 15Vanessa Masters
Yeah, just finished my route too. Seems like we have this place in lockdown. Now we hold the fort, and wait till Wolfram gets the goods." It was a woman, a sly sounding one at that as she got a look at her from the keyhole, albeit briefly. Body armor all over her, armed with a pistol, short buzzed brown hair… but what stood out was that one of her eyes was missing, and in its place, was a bright multi-faceted gem of some kind in her eye socket. "But, gotta check on our prospects first… Oh?" She moved her hand rapidly as her jewel-eye glowed and displayed some kind of holographic screen as the man with…. swords on his very hands walked over.

"Ohhh bingo!" She chirped, hand on her earpiece.

"Pipe down Joker! And not so loud!" Barked a male voice on the other side.

"You're looking for Melissa Shield yeah?" Said this 'Joker'. "One of my prospects is with her now…"

"Where?" The other voice demanded in satisfaction.

"First basement, bunch of brats." Joker said, the holograph before her showing a first person display of… someone talking to an assortment of people, mostly Asian save for a blond-haired girl.

"I'll send some men down there, they'll flush them out to you if able."

"Sounds like a plan, big dog." 'Joker' replied back, grinning darkly. "Me and the gang will prepare. Joker out." She let her hand fall. "Okay Claude, let's get Obi, Morgana, and Leonard ready."

"Big fight coming our way?"

"Possibly, I recognize some of those kids from the recent Sports Festival," Joker said, "They're all finalists."

Prospects? What does she mean...

Oh, Karen reveals herself to the others.

There’s an idea. MC Thor in the god of war verse, during the Midgard time. Neat. I’d read it.
11/28 c41 formerlyarandomreviewer
Fuyumi only has an ice quirk.
11/27 c41 santiagovillamizarcrv
ok i like the traumas momo is going to have with her mother. I feel like it's a pretty deep topic. for Momo to see and mark the differences between her and her mother

katsuki is making amends and I really like that

I personally like the current MHA arc and not at the same time. I like it because, we are seeing sides of 0ersianjes that we had not seen. but not because they are, pulling power ups from nowhere, I feel that this is too forced

and the truth I pray, I pray that someone comes and takes Izuku out of there, because as this is obvious that it can not against machia or shigaraki

listen I know this sounds crazy and probably stupid

you know this will sound crazy and probably stupid: but believe that you could an "OC heir"
I feel like it would be a nice addition to the villains, plus it would force Peter to evolve or die. obviously it has to be weak because there is no way in hell that the MCU's Peter will beat someone like morlun
11/27 c41 3Markus-Antonius
Great to see this again!
11/27 c41 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Yep, it was about time for Inko to give Katsuki a piece of her mind.

Cool touch with David finding out about the villains' true nature and taking measures to stall for time. Also, it will be interesting to see how the MHA gang will react to Karen's existence.

Keep the good writing.
11/27 c41 Argo Devilian
the fact that Momo and her mother's dynamic was based on God of War 4 is bloody hilarious.
And yet, i can someone see that being reality...
11/27 c41 Canary512
Wow! Karen is introduced. I wonder what explanation will Peter give. Also, Mama Yaoyorozu is intimidating. Thanks for the chapter!
11/27 c41 2Bearer of Writers Block
So I had an idea, that maybe Tony could come in later by way of the endgame finale. Instead of him being air fried, the stones send him to MHA, Karen says something like "Stark Industries homing signal detected," and awaaay we go. As to what happens in the MCU, maybe a brief scene where the light fades after the snap and it's just the gauntlet chillin' on the ground.
11/27 c41 PasiveNox
Yeah wonderful chapter
11/27 c41 3coronadomontes
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