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for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!

6/16 c46 6The Guarding Dark
*see’s you making Bakufuck and Pony spend more time together*

“If what I think is happening, Is happening.

It better not be.”
6/16 c41 EdgyBro
Pls put spoiler warnings in your AN in the future. Just got spoiled on mha future arc as I'm just anime watcher.
6/13 c15 mckertis
"savicously" isnt even a fucking word !
6/13 c12 mckertis
What is a "mesama" and what the fuck is "bare repeating" ? English, do you know it ?
6/13 c10 mckertis
So many checkers, and yet...how exactly does one "see one look" ?
6/13 c8 mckertis
Ehh...first chapters were fine, but the further this story goes - the more it rigidly conforms to the canon with zero original ideas. Yeah, sure, different points of view are nice, but it only goes so far. Disappointment is settling it.
6/10 c27 Guest
Midnight *exists*
6/12 c47 1Sauwk
Nice chapter, that mean something awfull going to happenned soon right?
6/11 c47 TripleJD
Damn, you always hit the mark with these stories. I love them got me hooked keep it up
6/8 c23 Guest
Dat omake *chef's kiss*
6/8 c9 AJ
So he actually handed over a suit that advanced to people to tinker with he barely met few minutes ago.
I am starting to wonder if he even wants to keep his cover or not? Then to make it even weird, nobody is actually any of this insanity. Great.
6/8 c1 Kendo xia
What a stupid excuse to drop a story. You obviously dont know shit about the MCU much less know how to write cuz if you did we would see you try to write something as good. Ignore the hater zaru. You're doing some fine work here
6/9 c5 10Lightning Ash
Midori? What was that all about? Uraraka didn't know anything about Midoriya by this stage. He was too shy to actually talk to her when she stopped him from tripping over his own feet
6/9 c4 Lightning Ash
Considering that no one in MHA really looks Japanese Peter's looks shouldn't really be getting stares at all. I mean, look at Kaminari. He looks as Caucasian as they come. Really, the only times they figure he's a Gaijin is when he speaks with his American accent. Other than that, they shouldn't really be able to tell
6/9 c3 Lightning Ash
Mt Lady isn't superhero, man. She's just a hero. It's important to make that distinction. A superhero in the My Hero Academia world is a pro who's reached the very heights of the business, like All Might for instance. It isn't just thrown around wily-nily to any rando noob with powers
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