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for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!

6/9 c1 16Yarheeguy
okay just watched episode 1 of Loki and I want to point something out here


Now, with what I learned from that episode, it turns out the timeline is protected by the TVA, who keeps the MCU timeline linear and not make any different timelines to prevent a multiversal war (which honestly feels that it's not true and more like the three space-lizards wants control of the timeline) and they take people who goes off the timeline, known as variants where they get reset while their timeline.

THAT MEANS Peter Parker in this story IS a variant. by being isekai'd into the MHA world, he would get off his supposed timeline and altered the time flow.
Unlike Loki's case, his would be a special case where instead of making an alternate path in his timeline, he hops into another separate timeline, away from the MCU and make the alternate path there.

I would also guess that the TVA does not exist in the MHA multiverse nor have any power towards it, since it seems they're fixated in the MCU multiverse and Parker is in the MHA multiverse.
Otherwise they would of showed up, arrested Peter and reset the timeline, all in the second he arrived at the MHA universe.

Not to mention if he does come back at any moment he would still be arrested since he's a lot different than the canon parker and at greater risk in altering the timeline. if he doesn't come back, the TVA would notice the altered timeline where Peter is gone and reset it, meaning that his way home is gone either way.

Overall, it would be better if Peter was stuck there and he can't go back home because if he does, then it would be a bad ending for him.

Zaru, if you read this, how do you feel about the TVA and do you think their existence would affect this story?
6/6 c47 Rialga
It'll be interesting to see how much Peter can eventually improve his Spider Sense. And on another note, any possibility of him developing his Way of the Spider style from the comics? Would help him out a lot.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/6 c6 AJ
Oh God...Not the usual "remove mineta BS"
6/8 c1 10Lightning Ash
I hope you pair Mina with Peter.
6/6 c47 LastGraveDigger
Really great chapter. No complaints here exept maybe that horrible timing toshinori had to ruin the class questioning peter right at the juicy part haha.
6/6 c47 HankyPanky
Just a quick sidenote on Peter's spider-sense
Peter's spider-sense is not feeling and reacting, it's more akin to precognition. It also manifests itself in all aspects of life like when he is web-swinging the spider-sense tells him where to shoot his web. another one would be during poker he can tell when to fold or when to go all in and that's just a few. now you could literally ignore all of this by just using the original spiderman's spider-sense which was through vibrations and electrostatic.
6/6 c47 Halo
Although it would be one hell of an Omake.
6/6 c47 Halo
Idk if this will reach you or this idea is not gonna work but I’ll give it a shot. But I would understand if this wouldn’t work because of what Peter learned in the aftermath of Stain.

Speed up to Asui saying “If you break the law your no better than a villain”
“But I lost my Uncle for doing NOTHING!” Peter yells, bring everyone’s attention to him.

“It was one robber… he was running towards me… with my quirk I could of easily stopped him, but I didn’t, thinking it wasn’t my problem or someone else could of handled it… next thing I knew, I come out of the building and saw my uncle, he was shot… the worse part is the guy who did it, was the same guy… the same guy who robbed someone in front of me, the same guy I could of STOPPED!”
“My Uncle, he was like a father to me…”

Asui was pale and silent staring at Peter in shock. The remaining students didn’t say anything.

“So… you tell me, are you REALLY no better than a villain if you ignore others in need of help?…”
6/8 c47 15Vanessa Masters
You catch a breather and take it easy now that those workers are back from vacation.


"Parker, your quirk is called 'Spider', yes?" He asked, and Peter's brown eyes met his light obsidian orbs.

"Yeah." He replied curtly.

"Your Precognition ability attached to it, got a name?" He asked rhetorically. The others didn't know, but he…

"Spider Sense."

"Well, here's a question class." He said, turning towards the other students. "What are the strongest senses that a Spider possesses?"

"Could it be Sight, Sensei?" Aoyama raised his hands dramatically. "They do have eight eyes after all!"

Peter sniggered a little, until he felt Aizawa's eyes on him and he shut up, running a hand through his hair.

Ojiro shrugged. "Can't say I know."

"Hey Pete do Spider-I mean," Pony caught herself, stopping her English question. "Peter, do Spiders have noses?" She asked in Japanese.

"No. They don't have ears either." Peter replied, hands in his pockets as he looked back at Aizawa, who had a similar pose.

"And by process of elimination, that should help." Aizawa elaborated. "To clarify, a spider's strongest sense, despite having eight eyes, is not sight, but touch and smell. They don't have noses, but they have sensory organs in their feet."

"Or on their pedipalps." Peter replied, speaking that last term in English making Ojiro and Aoyama tilt their heads. He lifted his fingers to his mouth, imitating fangs. "Their fangs."


"Ca a du sens."

"Parker's on the money, but given how it is your quirk you should know everything about it. From my observation of this Spider Sense of yours, it's in need of improvement."

Not really, but he does need to work on utilizing it with his sight and hearing gone. So he know where the danger is coming much more.

But wow, Dad Might is there!?

Lol, yeah, I see Peter as Uke. Hahahha
6/7 c47 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
6/7 c47 16Luiniliel
squee! another great chapter! I know you said that you had a hard time, but it was really enjoyable to read.
6/7 c12 Eddyg125
Thanos hit his suit and it was fine. I am confused.
6/7 c11 Eddyg125
The suit felt like it could have taken more damage than what was portrayed here and Peter really seems like he is going to be irrelevant later on. Hopefully you can change my mind
6/7 c2 kenodoxia
Yup, I'm out.
6/7 c2 kenodoxia
nope, even teenage peter knows not to share his secret identity. this part is too forced. You just forcefully made him give his name to enter him into the main canon of mha. It really doesn't feel like the natural expected progression
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