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for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!

6/6 c47 4OGGuy21
I enjoyed this filler chapter. I love seeing Pete getting used to the Class 1-A dynamics!
6/6 c47 IHateGenericCereal
Cozy camp chapter, and it really felt different from canon. I liked it. Can't believe we're over halfway through, but then again looking at the chapter count maybe that shouldn't be a surprise. Anyways, looking forward to the next one.
6/6 c47 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
6/6 c47 Trado
Another great chapter, I can see why your calling this a breather arc and I think it's working very well. However, with the ending I can see the next chapter being an interesting one.

I'm wondering if Peter will tell All Might and Midoriya that he knows All Might's secret. I know he wants to respect their privacy, but I doubt Peter likes keeping secrets from his friends, personal secrets are one thing, but secrets he isn't supposed to know are another.

Either way, keep up the great work, stay safe, I'll be waiting for the next one.
6/6 c47 3RonaldM40196867
This should prove enlightening.
6/6 c47 PasiveNox
great chapter
6/6 c47 OmnipotentAbsoluteUIGodzilla
6/6 c47 10Yellowpikmin88
Well now this is an interesting take on the camp. I can’t imagine how the Lilian attack is gonna go down here.
6/3 c14 Guest
Peter: *talks to girls normally*
Izuku: is it possible to learn this power?
6/5 c33 3iwantmyburd
It took me a while to piece together what bothers me so much about this arc.

The Stain confrontation in the anime had high stakes to it and gave clear motivation for the students to act when the law said they shouldn't. Iida and Native were in immediate danger, and the goal was to save their lives. Doing this safely required the students to incapacitate Stain first. This is consistent with Midoriya's character; it's established repeatedly that he can't ignore it when someone is in need of saving. It also paints a contrast between him and Iida at the time, one that's explicitly spelled out in the narrative: while Iida wanted to apprehend Stain for what he'd done, Midoriya and Todoroki were in it to save Iida and Native's lives. Realizing this marks a big step in Iida's motivation and growth as a character, as he saw what his friends were going through on his account and rejoined the fight to prevent any further injury to them.

Here, Midoriya's motivation is identical to Iida's, with the difference being how personal it is or isn't for them. Midoriya's reasoning boils down to "he hurt too many people, I have to do something." Replace "too many people" with "my brother" and you get Iida. If that were consistent with Midoriya's character, why would he stop at Stain when the LoV were directly responsible for so much more death and destruction that day?

But worse is the way Peter's involvement is presented. Mirko dressing him down is perfectly reasonable and expected after he pulled that stunt. The potential consequences of recklessness is a solid lesson for any young protagonist, like the ferry incident in Spider Man Homecoming. But therein lies he problem: this is MCU Peter Parker, and he's already learned this exact lesson. Having him repeat such a mistake makes the ensuing fallout feel... cheapened? Especially with the disparity between the consequences between him and Midoriya.

Credit where it's due, I'd have never gotten this far in the story if it wasn't generally well-written and entertaining overall. The way this arc went just baffled me.
6/2 c11 Guest
i... holy shit.
6/1 c46 Cha0s4ever
AMAZING story, read all in a week and am thirsty for more! Hope Spider and Momo get together, all their scenes and interactions are so well written.
5/29 c2 Guest
this is really good!
5/28 c24 Metroidvania
When Bakugou said for Peter not to fight to avenge her, I thought he would say "I'm an Avenger."
5/28 c46 2shados960
This chapter was amazing! I can’t wait to see how Peter deals with the villain invasion and for the new villains attacking instead of the canon ones.

Though I do wish dabi and toga were here, I can tell you have good plans in store for them in the future.

But for now let’s see how this version of the training arc goes with Peter and these cool OC villains coming soon.

But i have a strong feeling that Peter is gonna be their target this time around, due to him attracting the most attention in the sports festival and for being on shigaraki’s psycho shit list.

But let’s wait and see what happens.
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