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6/11 c5 guest
This story is going to slow. 5 chapters with 15000 words in two years and your nowhere near the main plotline? I would drop it as the author and Im dropping it as a reader. The time waiting for new chapters is to long for me to remember the previous chapters.
6/12 c5 midnight-flurry
I’m so happy for Jimmy. Molly just can’t keep her mouth shut and I hope this doesn’t bring danger to Jimmy or bring a certain bug his way. I look forward to the next update.
5/25 c2 TheLonelyAlchemist
Personally I don’t like the name change but I will still read anyway
5/17 c5 2Quixque
This is going a lot slower than I was expecting it to, what with the summary being about his time in Stargate Command, which is probably still at least 15 chapters away. Nothing wrong with that but the the summary is a bit misleading and will be for quite a while, it seems.

That said, I like the story and the writing so far. I'm interested in seeing where it goes.
5/7 c3 Snoring Cat
Can I point out that as ridiculous as religious beliefs are, in SG1 universe intelligent design is actually canon.

When the ancients fled the galaxy because of the plague they killed everything off via that machine dialing all the stargates and seeded life that would evolve into humans (that resembled their own race).

Of course I'm sure religious nutjobs would twist that information to support their beliefs as they do with everything else. So yes, guided evolution did occur though not of course because of some mythical deity. This does mean however that theistic evolution is about as true as usual (which is to say not at all).

To sum up; in SG1 verse evolution was guided by advanced alien refuges from another galaxy, who fled there to escape others of their kind who were pretending to be gods.

Also just to point out that despite the note saying that he didn't have to be religious they still expect him to read the bible, make him go to church and attend bible school. Religious indoctrination, an utterly loathsome practice that's still considered socially acceptable.
Of course Harry's the preferred target type, an abuse victim whose desperate for affection.

I like the premise for this story but I'll be bailing if the religion continues so I don't know if I'll review again, if not then good luck with the story.
5/6 c1 Guest
I'm Squibbed out. Good luck, you need it.
5/6 c3 Guest
In your assessment of macusa, you forgot to take magical transportation into account. For bureaucratic measures they could all just show up in new york, but there could be satellite stations for aurors,
5/7 c5 WhiteEagle1985
A great story here so far!
5/5 c5 tinaryan29
5/3 c5 Guest
Looking forward to the Stargate portion coming along 3
5/3 c5 EP
5/3 c5 Guest
to slow
5/4 c5 Dauntes
Pretty interesting lead up, I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this. Thank you for the story, and thanks for writing. :)
5/2 c5 Guest
Yes! Skip the fucking time I want some USAF!
5/4 c5 2tscchope
Ah Molly Weasley. She brings out the worst in me. Someone should seriously have put her down. I do hope Mike Evans was able to explain the purpose of a rubber duck. That visit from the Weasley should be the one and only. Dumbledork's not going to just accept that rejection, now is he?

I do wonder how the Evans' will take to Dobby. You haven't forgotten Harry Potter, Sir's biggest fan, have you?

So, Harry's lost his magic, has he? The Goblet of Fire's going to be very sorry it messed with Harry Potter.
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