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for Not Quite Normal

6/4/2020 c9 1CatariaNigra
Nice story, thank you for the enjoyable time!

I had thought about doing a motorcycle/Escaflowne fanart for some time now (already before I knew your story), and after reading “Not Quite Normal”, I think I will do just that.
7/24/2019 c9 440four
Leave it to Ban to tie up all the loose ends to the last bit! Amazed by how you do that each time. I am so happy with how it ended for Dilandau. For some reason that was my main focus. Also like how you handled Celena in the end, giving both her and Hitomi a chance to sort of heal their friendship. This was a beautiful story, as always and I look forward to reading more down the road.
7/23/2019 c9 9Miniclio
So I was right, Dilandau was supected but not the culprit, you really aded depth to him I like that. Especially since now he can get his own glory, thanks to Jajuka !

Van got lucky, and got his happy end !
It was a nice story and it really picked my curiosity of who was doing what for what reason, and how I like a good mystery.

Congratulation on finishing this fic ! May there a lot more to come once inspiration and motivation reach you a the good moment, when you have time.
7/22/2019 c9 40Luin-fanel
Definitely, I think this is the best ending you could give to this fanfic, that you did it from the POV of Van adds more value.
I was delighted that you could solve Dilandau's problems in a good way, and how you linked the plot of the original series with the characters' actions again and that Van's accident was that, an accident and not a revenge.
On the other hand, even if Folken and Meerle didn't appear in this chapter, I think you had already made clear the type of relationship they were forming with Van and Hitomi during the previous chapter.
I enjoyed reading this story a lot, it was the best closing that my day could have had last night and surely, an excellent way to close with these two characters that I love so much.
Thanks again for write and share, I'll be waiting for the other fanfics you are writing to continue enjoying Escaflowne a little bit.
Good luck in all the things you do Banryuu, have a really nice and interesting week and read you soon.

7/21/2019 c9 thepinkmartini
Love the ending! Escpecially Dilandau’s way of getting revenge against Van. He channeled his rage in a very healthy way.
7/21/2019 c9 Vhosek
It was great we got a bit more of this story and we got to see them get the happiness they deserve! I'll miss this story getting updated but will definitely be reading more then once! Thank you!
7/18/2019 c8 9Miniclio
the story that don't want to end, but that's good

So Van got hurt but how and by who ? Dilandau would be the first suspect, but it doesn't mean he is the culprit, and we don't know how hurt Van is...
7/15/2019 c8 440four
Long time no read! I was a bit mia as you know. Great to see you got your muse back. They are so fickle sometimes. You've brought a lot of plot threads together here with many characters. Amazing that you had so many involved. Idk how you keep track. I loved seeing Celena make a turn around and blossoming in the service. I can see her do that. One thing of critique though, if you will hopefully allow. Maybe it's because Dilandau is so near and dear to my heart or because his soldiers loved him in the Anime (where he never got the chance to heal), I feel like he deserved a chance to excel in the military too. Alas, the armed forces play by different rules than good ol Zaibach. But I do know every story needs a bit of evil and it's not over yet...
7/15/2019 c8 Vhosek
I feel that their first time went the way it could only go with those two. Sweet but of course an argument would follow about something else lol! I'm glad the story got a little longer as I enjoy it so much. Hopefully everything turns out okay for our beloved couple!
7/15/2019 c8 thepinkmartini
Oh man! I hope Van's okay. I'm really glad Celena and Hitomi had a bit of closure though.
7/14/2019 c8 40Luin-fanel
I was waiting to read an epilogue and... we have two chapters for the price of one! I'm so excited about that! I love the chapter, all of it, the beach, that lovely first time, the discussion, the college, Celena and her apology... well, I don't love Van having an accident and Dilandau finding revenge but, I need to accept, It really hook me, so, I'm in for reading the next chapter.
Oh, and, wow!, I'm reponsible for you writing more, I'm proud of myself nowhaha, thanks a lot, I'll be waiting, take your time and chase the muse, enjoy your writing and had an excellent week. Read yaa.

7/1/2019 c7 Vhosek
I'm sad to see this wonderful story come to an end but I very much enjoyed reading it and definitely wouldn't mind an epilogue! It was great seeing the changes that having each other in their lives caused in the other and how that effects them! I look forward to you're continuing stories and what new ones you have for us in the future!
7/1/2019 c7 thepinkmartini
Wonderful end to this wonderful story! I’m glad Folken and Allen both came to the rescue. I could only imagine though how pissed Celena and Dilandau might feel knowing that their own bro exposed them with footage HAHA!
6/30/2019 c7 nik09
love it, thank you for this beautiful story
6/29/2019 c7 Luin-fanel
I had suspected this was the End ayer read 3 lines... and I was right, what a sad fact, me having reason about the End! ... maybe It was time for an end, and a very good one by far, I really love how all this chapter looks like the last chapters in the show, but so natural for this universe, and the best of all, they are living apart but still having a conection, Kamisama, they saw each other the day of the dance! ok, they don't dance, thanks a lot, I really think Van doesn't know how to dance and is not interested at all... Well, I thank that, maybe I'm wrong about it xD.
Thanks a lot for such an interesting and fabulous sorry, love all the chapters, it's a pitty we don't have more about Folken being the tutor, or Hitomi mingling with all the Fanels... mayor in another story?
Take care Banryuu, have a nice Sunday and read you in another story... ir in the epilogue, you decide.
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