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6/16/2019 c6 9Miniclio
i raally like this story, you really did a great job with the plot. I was really curious about how Celena kept track of Hitomi, and not once the app came to my mind, that super clever !

Had Van seen the kick Hitomi gave Celena, he would have been proud, impressed, and a bit more in love with her.

Now I wonder what's Allen flashdrive contain and what he will do for/to the twins, (Dilandau is going to regret his smile, and Celena is on for a long conversation about consent, love, what's right and wrong too)

As for Folken I don't know how he will react, what he could say, and more importantly how she managed to get to him to make him come to the... is this a rescue or an execution is still to be seen
6/15/2019 c6 40Luin-fanel
An now, Allen and Folken TO THE RESCUE! great job by the way, I really enjoy Hitomi self defense and that last-second-entry, poor Van, first he's going to carry all the blame and the punishment, and suddenly Folken appears and he is all stiff, can't wait for the next one... but I will, I promise.
Read you soon and good luck in all you do.


PS - Thanks for the PM, I get really excited about it, but, as I had said, I was a little confuse because I'm not a native english speaker, so then, sometimes I misunderstood some sentences, unless I am working in a translation, then I have a diccionary near me and another window to search idioms. Thanks for the message and thanks for all your Escaflowne stories, I love having something to read about Van... ok, about Hitomi too, I like her, but not as I love Van hehehehe, thanks, you do a great job writing them.
6/10/2019 c6 Guest
Oh man! Great chapter! Love how you expounded on the whole Celena-stalker idea! Can't wait to read about how Folken will defend (or not defend) Van as his guardian.
6/9/2019 c6 pandorababe
NEXT Chapter now please ... or asap Cant to see what happens between folken and van.
6/9/2019 c6 Vhosek
I really liked the way you twisted this one up with who was behind it! Now I can't wait to see how all this plays out in the next chapter!
6/6/2019 c5 Luin-fanel
And that is how you do a twist in the plot! So, the stalker is Celena, not Dilandau, wow!
In the other and, It was refreshing to read all the sorry in Van's POV, I was a little confuse with some details 'cause of my reading ability maybe... bit now is all clear. Now I can't wait for the next chapter :3 but I'll be a good girl and wait patiently, I promise.
Read you son Banryuu, have a nice week and take your time, I really want more chapters so good and imteresting as ever.

6/4/2019 c5 pandorababe
Love this story its so well written and im always excited to read the next chapter. Cant wait for the next chapter
5/31/2019 c5 Vhosek
Oh man, I had a feeling that Dilandau wasn't behind the stalking but come on, it's Dilandau lol! You never know what that creepy manic is up too! I can't wait to see how the next chapter plays out!
5/31/2019 c5 440four
Neat to see Van's perspective as there are things Hitomi wouldn't have beeb privy to. His backstory is rather cool. I'm sad for Folken's declivity into this dark pit but it's a nice parallel to how he comes across in the Anime. Very plausible too what with having seen war and all of his own physical suffering too. You bravely tackled the very taboo topic of incest here but managed to do it tastefully. Merle's feelings warped into something Van knew wasn't right despite them not being blood related. It just wouldn't have been kosher after growing up as brother and sister. Ha! So glad I called it that Dilandau being the stalker was too obvious but I didn't think it was going to be Celena. This story is apparently going to be shorter than I thought but hey I'll take any juicy epilog you will throw at us.
5/31/2019 c5 9Miniclio
I knew it ! ha ha !
Too nice to be true, and Dilandau knew all along his sister was just like him, the little pest
Now what kind of stalker is she ? Because there differents things she could want, none are good, but some are easier to deal with...

Hitomi is in a bad place right now, but she have several options in her situation, until Van reach her, with maybe back up.

It's nice to see Van point of view, his feelings over all of this, and he will culpabilise like crazy after this. Folken is so... cold, and should have been seeing someone after what happened to him, especially if he was supposed to get custody of two traumatised children. I understand why he lost all of his warmth, but he is so cold i'm pretty sure his phone got frostbites when he answer it.
5/30/2019 c5 Junia Grey
I love this story even if it's an AU and I would love to read more... I knew Dilandau would have been to obvious but I never guessed who was behind all this. Well done!
5/30/2019 c5 thepinkmartini
Oh my. I did not expect the story to go the way it did. I knew the stalker wasn't Dilandau cos it would have been way too obvious, but for it to turn out as Celena?! Damn. I was not expecting that at all. Anyways, great chapter! Loved seeing things from Van's POV.
5/23/2019 c4 440four
Oh dear how tragic! But boy do I love a tragic backstory. It's like Princess Diaries meets Escaflowne meets uh...something else. If you're going by the series then perhaps whoever is stalking her is affiliated with Dornkirk. Somehow Dilandau seems a too obvious choice but who knows. Neat idea with the restaurant. I love seeing the minor characters pop up! They often don't get enough attention. Also, that bike ride. I have one in one of my stories to. Aren't we all a sucker for fluff like that hahah. Look forward to more.
5/20/2019 c4 Vhosek
This was a really good chapter just full of information and answered quite a few questions while giving us a heartbreaking backstory for Van! I'm glad to see them opening up to each other and being honest with their feelings so hopefully things will work out for them. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
5/19/2019 c4 9Miniclio
Welcome back !

I really like this chapter, the backstory you gave Van is really good. I can really imagine Varie not dealing well in a modern world losing both Goau and Folken.

And the whole crew is here ! yeah !

It's sweet the relation you established between Van and Hitomi, but I'm curious to know if Dilandau is really Hitomi's stalker, or if it's someone else. That and who would dare damage a bike in plain sight of a dinner where every patron could see, or catch him/her ? (yes because until you reveal more, the stalker can be a girl who know aside from you ?)
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