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2/19/2019 c1 Zoo Guy
Howdy, I'd like to make a request about Zootopia:
This takes place a half year after the movie and it is also a NickxJudy fanfiction. Someone is stalking Judy Hopps, determined to have her to himself and Nick Wilde is determined to protect Judy at all costs. That someone is a weasel named David Weaselton, Duke's rich mafia cousin and one of the former cohorts of Mr. Big. David becomes dangerously obsessed with her since she came to Zootopia. When he kidnaps Judy, it is up to Nick, Finnick, Chief Bogo, Clawhauser, Mr. Big, Fru Fru, the Ottertons and the rest of the ZPD officers to rescue her and stop David.
David Weaselton is the same height as Duke but his fur is slightly darker than his. He also wears a dark blue zoot suit and hat.
That's all I've got for this request. Bye!
2/3/2019 c1 33ilzehs
Daddy Roman is absolutely the hottest thing ever with a bratty Deano. Yummyy
2/1/2019 c1 Guest
Love me some Ambreigns . Love this! :).
1/27/2019 c1 Marvelous Gal
Hi! I have read some of your stories and I love them. I'd like to make a request:
My OC Lollie Newton is Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man's girlfriend until she catches him cheating on her with Mary Jane and Peter admits that Mary Jane puts out (agree to have sexual intercourse with him) unlike Lollie. After the breakup, Lollie is crying until her best friend Eddie Brock comforts her. It turns out Eddie has romantic feelings for her for a long time and so does Venom but decide not to admit yet because Lollie is having a hard time now. Some time after, Eddie/Venom finally admit to Lollie how they feel to her. Lollie admits that she is in love with them too even when she was with Peter and they have a happy ending.
Lollie Newton is tall, slim, has fair skin, emerald green eyes, long wavy shiny blonde hair with orange streaks, pink lips, wears a white blouse, black shorts, light blue leggings with white snowflakes, blue and yellow flip flops, gold hoop earrings and cyan blue shoulder bag.
And that's all I have to request. Hope you can be able to make it. Bye.
1/24/2019 c1 7Hero Is My King
This story is hot and cute at the same time. I love the relationship between Dean and Roman. So glad I finally got to read it, it was worth the wait.

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