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for A Flame of Life and Death

1/1 c5 Gamer17593950
I get why you didn't write any more if the next chapter was literally just gonna be torture lmao.

Still though, what's released is some quality content. I don't know anything about Fairy Tail so it's a bit hard for me to criticize this properly, but I can say that it's a ton of fun to read through and that the plot and characters are interesting enough for this to stay engaging.

Also, considering Shizu's karma value is neutral-good, it's probably reasonable for her to feel bad about decent people suffering, although I doubt it's enough for her to slight Nazarick's hierarchy by being insubordinate to Demiurge.
10/15/2020 c1 1Enigmus-288
Is there any chance your going to update this someday? More specifically is there ANY chance Natsu finally going to break out and teach a very painful lesson all of those miserable arrogant F**KS?! (Sorry I know that was incredibly rude and crude but really I'm just such a HUGE Fairy Tail fan and I know Natsu way more than most of the average fan and the fact that he's treated in such a cruel and sickening way by that pathetic vampire brat , while also not having a chance to gut her open with HIS demon and dragon powers and incenerate her along with the other scumbags in this kingdom of bone heads).
7/10/2020 c5 14twilightnite13
Interesting... what sort of tests would Demiurge want to try on Natsu?
6/18/2020 c5 3Doomson
This is a really entertaining story. I'd love to see the inevitable confrontation between Fairy Tail and the Tomb of Nazarick! Keep up the good work!
6/2/2020 c1 Consultant
what the fuck is wrong with some of the people in this comment section
5/27/2020 c5 Villiandeku9501
Hey I just caught up to the chapters and I really hope you haven’t dropped this because it’s really good, your knowledge of the source content of both stories makes your versions of the characters very believable, and despite what others might say I believe you did a very good job with the power leveling on both sides, no one on either side is in any way shape or form unbeatable and members of both sides surpass members of other sides in some ways and are inferior in others, I do believe that natsu has a relatively high pericing level to all his attacks as they had to breach agnalogia’s defenses but by no means does he specialize in it while demiurge has very high adaptability based off the many forms he can take and strategies he can come up with, that being said I’ve only watched the anime for overlord and I haven’t even watched the final season of fairy tail so I don’t know as much about both worlds as you, and I have a slight question, I think I know some of shalltear’s fetishes but I only really know girl on girl, slave and necrophilia, as you mentioned her, “playing” with natsu I was wondering for you can clarify what all the possibilities could mean by that, you don’t have to put it in to your review responses if you feel uncomfortable doing so, but if you don’t I’d greatly appreciate you dming me them. Once again I am loving your story and how true to the characters they seem to be.
11/29/2019 c1 Chaosoftheworld1996
update please
11/13/2019 c5 Captain Imagiona
Can you also put in Wendy’s Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art and Gajeel’s Dragon Slayer’s Art. Also when you going back to make more chapters it’s been several months since you have and I really wanna see what happens next in this fanfic.
9/28/2019 c1 okami321
natsu can win
9/1/2019 c5 Captain Imaginat
When are you going to make more chapters of A Flame Of Life and Death I wanna see more chapter of it and definitely wanna see Natsu use Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, Hellfire Mode, Fire Dragon King Mode, Igneel's Powers, E.N.D Form, Seven Flames Dragon Mode, Savage Dragon Fire Mode, Black Fire Dragon Mode, Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, Dragon Force, Dragonification and Ignia's Powers, Gray's ICe Devil Slayer Magic, Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, Wendy's Dragon Force and Lucy's Zodiac Dresses/ forms. Also I wanna Team NAtsu members fight The Guardians Of Nazarick and Natsu fight Shalltear. Also are gonna you Aura and Mare appear in the story and play an important role in A Flame Of Life and Death. Also will Team Natsu ( Happy, Erza, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, Lily and Natsu) meet Hamsuke and escape Nazarick in time. Also what is
Lord Ainz planning to do with Natsu?
8/23/2019 c5 wolfking
i got a question are you dropping this? or do you have writers block?
8/18/2019 c5 Dracus6
Natsu vs Ainzr
Gray vs Demiurge
Ezra vs Albedo
Lucy vs Shatler
8/4/2019 c5 5Jack Rippling
I wonder if Natsu will bend and take the three million in exchange for showing Ainz his magic.
7/11/2019 c1 Captain Imaginat
Can you put in Gajeel's Dragon Force.
7/7/2019 c5 wolfking
hey i bet there's going to be a third movie for fairy tail what do you think?
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