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1/20 c1 Guest
“(except for some wibbly wobbly, timey wimey exceptions“ this line alone is what make me not read this story
11/22/2022 c66 Terry1957
I have been enjoying your story and have come to the last chapter that wrote. It's been over a year since your last chapter. Are you going to continue or is this going to be another abandoned story? You can email me at if you want to reply.
11/1/2022 c66 Shortsharpshock
Well I hope everything is ok, and if it is then, “What the hell, Greg?”
I hope you get your muse sorted, (have you tried threats?), I’m really enjoying this story.
10/22/2022 c61 Ozymandias42
This is one of the most enjoyable HP fanfics in my opinion and I can't really understand how some people think Daphne to be a bad thing to happen to HP fanfic just because she's basically a shared OC.

This _is_ what good fanfic is about. Bringing in new and original characters, changing canon events, correcting plot holes. And OCs, especially those that don't take over as the main character can really enrich all other characters with their interaction. This Harry for one is so different that he's certainly your own character too and the dynamic between the whole group and especially him and Daphne is splendidly done. I much prefer this to the obviously stunted, brash and ignorant canon version.

This story has a lot of original characters, and I count canon ones that are only mentioned in the source material but never fleshed out among them. Very nice work here. Especially with Millicent, Tracey, Hannah and Luna. Oh and certainly with Algernon Croaker. There aren't many that utilise him, and almost none to the effect you did in this story.

Especially note- and praiseworthy to me are your depiction of Snape. He's often either an unimaginative monster or unrealistically nice. This Snape acts as a proper adult should. It's easy to use him as an obvious and simple enemy but you worked in realism. The moment he came to realise how much Dumbledore has lied and manipulated him too when he learned about Harry's time at the Dursleys, he immediately changed his behaviour. And has -in my opinion- become a believable and well written ally.

The only ones that I might be able to criticise a bit are the Greengrass parents. They seem a bit too awesome. A bit too convenient. Especially with the easy access to Croaker. Seeing however how much the story is based on that, that is only something minor.

All in all the story is very well written and with many layers of intrigue, politics and smart wordings.
Easily one of the best HP fanfics that aren't YATTFF or mid-timeline change AUs but a full AU in terms of the point of divergence being at least immediate to a few years before the start of first year.
10/2/2022 c47 Guest
What a super duper disappointing act with this rubbish story development. It starts out great then you lost the plot literally in second year especially disfiguring Harry's face and this time the Great Voldemort's knowledge of fighting off super speed of dark spells never came or was used by Harry. I hate this story to the core now. What a great disappointment really. It had sounded so hopeful. But it's complete rubbish trash now.
10/2/2022 c22 Guest
What rudeness? How stupid ! When Grangers and Neville went to Greengrass home. Harry was being open and friendly because he was amongst friends and their parents or at least trustworthy people. It was casual friendly conversation both times. How the hell that is rude?
6/16/2022 c13 1ines1808
there's no way a first year knows a protego or expelliarmus
6/10/2022 c60 LordKnight007
Ok I reviewed too early... hehe...
6/10/2022 c60 LordKnight007
Did participating in the duelling tournament really matter that much?
5/31/2022 c2 Kitten Arina
At the young age of 7 if I recall correctly from the last chapter. I would be understandable for Harry to say such a thing still I hate that you stole this line from the book as well as the movie. Honestly I don't expect him to be really ok cool. But come on do you have to steal something that is so well known? And don't even give credit to J.K for that line It's one thing to make the disclaimer that you don't own it it's another when you use a line and don't give the credit of burrowing it like you are for the universe that you doing this fan fiction from.
5/15/2022 c9 Guest
it was because of the the pure bloodedness expectations sirius's mother ironically it is the evil woman who gave or gives birth tto the good one and druella black giving birth to the evil ones narcissa bellatric sirus's parents both were bad or only father was good
4/6/2022 c48 miffedniffler
Has Harry become... Ghost Rider?!
3/24/2022 c1 TrumpasaurusRex
Daphne Greengrass is one of the worst things to happen to HP fanfic. 100% fanon character that never was mentioned doing anything in the story. The only thing we know about her is her name and her family has a bloodline curse.
Yet she’s widely popular. It’s bizarre.
3/15/2022 c66 shoppingnull
I'm enjoying this story and hope you are still writing and that real life isn't being crazy.
3/6/2022 c66 Chump03
AMAZING STORY! Will you be updating soon?
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