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for Two Sides To Every Galleon

11/21/2020 c27 17griffin blackwood
You’ve handled this all really well in a believable expansion of le
11/21/2020 c26 griffin blackwood
Toby is cool
11/21/2020 c25 griffin blackwood
I’m glad Millie Theo and Tracy get so much love
11/21/2020 c24 griffin blackwood
I’m glad they’re spending more time kicking butt than kissing it
11/21/2020 c23 griffin blackwood
Wow dumbles is the new dada
11/21/2020 c22 griffin blackwood
That was very mature
11/21/2020 c21 griffin blackwood
Good job
11/21/2020 c20 griffin blackwood
Harry’s humbleness highlighting the core groups strengths was sweet
11/21/2020 c19 griffin blackwood
Mia haha
11/21/2020 c18 griffin blackwood
Lol you have handled every twist and turn so well without batting an eyelash
11/21/2020 c17 griffin blackwood
Best line beside talking about the pretty hugflepuff and Ravenclaw : racey backed Daphne, Neville backed Harry, and Hermione backed the library to give her the answer.
11/21/2020 c16 griffin blackwood
Worm tail reveal
11/21/2020 c15 griffin blackwood
Good work
11/21/2020 c14 griffin blackwood
11/21/2020 c13 griffin blackwood
You’ve handled the cast of characters well. I hope you can add millicent and Theo in a believable manner to have the split more clear
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