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for Two Sides To Every Galleon

2/21/2019 c10 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
this is getting good I hope Dumbles gets his soon
2/21/2019 c10 SiriusOrionBitch
I love the deception and subterfuge goon on haha! Glad you guys are all okay over there too! Great chapter can’t wait for Harry to get into his strut and see what happens! Keep it up!
2/19/2019 c9 TheSphynx
Found your story and I’m loving it. Can’t wait for more.
2/17/2019 c9 aratakasugatrinity7
well played Harry Twice in one day!
2/17/2019 c8 aratakasugatrinity7
Ice princess is a cute name. Why Golden Git? That seems rather derogatory. Also, well played Sirius!
2/17/2019 c7 aratakasugatrinity7
Harry is also a black by blood, how come he can't wield and connect with his Knives?
2/17/2019 c6 aratakasugatrinity7
What's wrong with being average height?
2/17/2019 c1 aratakasugatrinity7
so, she effectively bought a child?
2/17/2019 c9 WhiteEagle1985
A great story here so far!
2/15/2019 c9 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
hahahaha nice
2/15/2019 c9 1kyuubi ruler of all bijuu
2/14/2019 c9 anarion87
nice so far
2/14/2019 c9 Raymondjay41
Keep it up , your off to s great start with this story
2/14/2019 c9 delia cerrano
Loved this entrance of Serius into Harry's life and your story! Masterfully done. Especially the pranks that Harry/Henri did as well as the quips when the girls and Roxanne said a bit about how Harry was. Again very well done!
2/14/2019 c9 wolf970
You are doing a good job with the pace of the story and how you are going about introducing everyone. I hope you get those chapters out and sorry about the floods you are having.
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