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3/13/2020 c1 NatureRules1
Ninjakingofhearts here, NatureRues1, TrefRex, and I have a idea of a story about How Mac met Frankie: After losing his parents and being bullied and tortured too much by Terrence, Mac, who is heavily saddened by all of this, decides to run away and flee on a boat in the ocean from Terrence, but gets caught in a heavy storm. Then a huge wave hits the boat, causing Mac to plunge in the ocean. Through a current, Mac gets taken farther and farther into ocean, where he nearly drowns and sinks into the sea bottom (he encounters a whale and several fish during it), but is rescued by a beautiful mermaid named Frances "Frankie" Foster who speaks aside from neighing and snorting and Mac feels safe by her. She takes him to the beach (covered in seaweed and starfish), where the two meet, with Mac being amazed that he is rescued and encountering a mermaid (he even notices that Frankie looks a lot like the main character from The Little Mermaid movie he watched) as he looks at her long green fish tail and blushes at her beauty. After Mac sadly tells Frankie what happened of how he lost his mother from a car crash and gets tortured and tormented by Terrence and runs away to avoid and cries, Frankie comforts, hushes, and cuddles him while neighing and suggest him to live under the ocean with her and adopts him as her guardian. Mac agrees and hugs Frankie as Frankie kisses Mac in the cheek in which its a magical kiss as it causes his legs to turn into a red tail. Becoming a merman, Mac is happy that he gets to be with a mermaid as his adoptive guardian and lives under the ocean together with her and the two swim together through the ocean.
2/8/2019 c1 67ainmals1
Aw. So bittersweet.

I have read the story "Mac Come Back" where his Father died and it is possible. However I had a different idea.

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