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for Shards of Opal

3/5/2020 c18 1hellion117
Oh shit
2/24/2020 c9 261Hawkflight7
Pee-zar. I guess cezar is too hard for children to pronounce, but Junior is just getting ruder every chapter.

I'm surprised Carmilla can hold back her distaste for Hector's pets, otherwise i would think part of the reason Junior doesn't like them is because she picked up on her mother not being a fan either. Though, the fact that they're technically dead is a good reason for a kid to get freaked out as well.

Just don't make Hector cry.
2/24/2020 c8 Hawkflight7
Children are so mean and uncaring, the damn dhampir devil. It's pretty funny though that Junior is like, but dad is food? So now we got a mean confused child. Carmilla is going to have so much fun explaining things to her kid and i can just imagine the other insensitive questions Junior will ask in the process.

Poor Hector though, atleast Dracula will fix him up, no thanks to Godbrand, the viking dog maid XD
2/15/2020 c17 1hellion117
I just pissed myself laughing
12/14/2019 c7 261Hawkflight7
I would have been so sad if Junior ate the foxy, they are too adorable to kill! Good Junior for showing mummy how you take care of puppies! Because she apparently didn't learn her lesson with your father... somehow.

But i am really glad to see that Junior has such a love for animals, you just know she'll grow up to be a human-eating nature enthusiast. And at least Hector will be proud of her for defending all the puppies of the world!

But seriosuly, Carmilla forgetting about Junior's tendencies and trying to let go of the fox was hilarious.
8/13/2019 c5 Hawkflight7
Bunya! (This sound reminds of Klonoa XD)
Carmilla Junior is just too cuuute. Who knew Carmilla could have such a cute offspring? I imagine her hair as the same color as Carmilla's but fluffy like Hector's. And she looks adorable! ...in my mind's eye. Even more adorable with the BUNYA!

A little less adorable with the violence, though. Toddlers can be mean. Poor wittle dead bunny is all dead, again... i assume after she crushed it's skul! The muscles on that baby! I love jow she's so angry at Hector for the fakw bunya, but he's just crestfallen and was trying ti cheer her up, but she doesn't understand fhat... perhaps mama should give it a go next time?
8/2/2019 c13 1hellion117
My god you can make catmilla seem not so bitchy... kudos
8/2/2019 c8 hellion117
God dammit that last line
7/13/2019 c4 261Hawkflight7
I was not expecting Carmilla to stay in the bed, much less her introspective of how stupid it would be to throw their relationship away because of it. I'm honestly surprised she didn't just sleep on the couch, even if just for a few nights before she resigned to getting in bed with a reincarnated dog.

Also pretty funny that Hector technically called her a corpse and how upset she got iver it to the point of pouting. How do vampires get turned in castlevania then, if she was never a corpse, though?
7/12/2019 c3 Hawkflight7
Godbrand is probably the only vampire that would have 5,000 children, unless he makes the mother into a boat after fucking it, then kill it.

Sweet, sweet revenge. These scenarios are so wacky but they still feel in character. Now i just want to see Godbrand 5000 interact with Carmilla Junior, oh the antics they could get up to... Dracula's castle is quickly becoming a vampire day care center.

I can't believe i didn't notice Alucard was just Dracula spelled backwards before.
7/12/2019 c2 Hawkflight7
Oh god, Carmilla Junior. I can just imagine how manipulative she'll be when she gets older. Just like mommy dearest. Except she'll also have Hector's ability to bring things back from the dead. So she'll be a thousand times worse (or better, depending how you look at it).

I love Godbrand's suggestion, even if it wasn't a boy he led to the reason that's her name now. Makes me curious what they actually called her, but we'll never know!
7/8/2019 c1 Hawkflight7
Heh, hehe. That dictionary is a snarky one. I didn't even realize hector was an actual word, and even after seeing the definition my mind is still like 'but that's a name.. what?' . For such a short thing it does feel very in character, though. With Camilla assuming it was a book about a dog or something and that's why he was crying (they always die!), i can just imagine her shaking her head at Hector.
7/3/2019 c3 5rubberbandofdoom
3/1/2019 c8 1Haldir639
The final line is what really makes this chapter my favourite to date

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