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4/5/2022 c34 InfinityMask
To be honest koneko and daisuke bond is more sister and brother kind in myopinion.
Vali and Azazel pov is quite fun
4/4/2022 c33 InfinityMask
How come he is descendants of original luci? Did this mean luci somehow go to daisuke world?
4/4/2022 c32 InfinityMask
If daisuke can do what he is doing shouldn’t the other can too? Why not teach some of his techniques to Rias peerage?
4/4/2022 c31 InfinityMask
So the attack still happened huh. As expected.
4/4/2022 c30 InfinityMask
Issei growth indeed slowed because he didn’t sacrifice his arm..
4/4/2022 c27 InfinityMask
I think it would be better to give Issei his harem. Rias and Akeno kinda annoying. Haha
4/4/2022 c26 InfinityMask
I find rias kinda annoying... like asia in canon. Haha.
4/4/2022 c25 InfinityMask
Raynare pov is really enlightening. Haha.
4/4/2022 c24 InfinityMask
If you want to make oc x oc why take Issei harem form him? I guess giving Issei Raynare is good move. I rarely see that pairing. Haha.
4/4/2022 c23 InfinityMask
Lol! Poor students council!
I hope Issei got his balance breaker soon.
Kinda wish Xenovia wouldn’t turn into devil.
4/4/2022 c22 InfinityMask
Hope freed really killed here.
4/4/2022 c21 InfinityMask
I expect this. Tho I wonder can angel use holy sword? I guess they can except there’s no need for that?
4/4/2022 c19 InfinityMask
Issei should ask Rias like Daisuke. Tho I guess this is more fun.
4/4/2022 c17 InfinityMask
It was quite enjoyable to see other pov and what happened behind the scenes.
4/4/2022 c15 InfinityMask
I hope the clueless harem protag wouldn’t continue for long...
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