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for A New Beginning

1/3/2022 c24 Guest
I'm glad you acknowledge the fact that your OC main character comes off as pretty gay
1/1/2022 c35 4Chronosign
Personally I'd hope that Azazel spent as much time making defenses (to keep out people at Vali's level out) as he did decorating.
1/1/2022 c35 Chronosign
I would have asked Sirzechs to babysit, I KNOW the guy would be more than eager to and would let a chance to be with Rias in that form regardless of what Grayfia would say or do. It would also act as a punishment for what Rias tried to do. Maouga's existence has to affect the Youkai Faction by making it easier to use senjutsu. You know, it's a little scary how easy it is to cast the Reanimation Jutsu. (Kabuto's Demo to Obito)
12/31/2021 c34 Chronosign
You know those scenes in TomJerry where a character gains donkey features because they were easily tricked? Yeah, that's Akeno when she her blindfold was removed.
12/31/2021 c33 Chronosign
It's a little funny how Issei is the one who ruined the date this time around and stabbed another guy.
12/29/2021 c29 Chronosign
I wouldn't be surprised if the Boosted Gear or Double Burst had the potential to enhance fertility.
12/29/2021 c28 Chronosign
If I were with them, I'd be able to stop Rias from starting the test with one sentance. "I'm a little disappointed in you, Rias, after all we've been through I'd think that you of all people would know that it's just wrong to treat a person as a trophy."
12/28/2021 c24 Chronosign
I feel like Raynare will peg Issei one day.
12/26/2021 c44 SpartanKing J
The whole problem about the difference in life span doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s one thing if your comparing a human’s life span to a devils but if miho lives 5000 years. I think that might just enough time to create many different ways to extend her life. Plus it’s 5000 f*cking years, most would be happy for 50, still cute couple tho
12/25/2021 c18 lalita
sigh this is to annoying to read at this point ... I'm quitting this fanfiction ... honestly its quite disgusting how "dense" he is welp cant really expect better from chines people they are all weirdos... why did you even go about and make them like him if ur not going to romance them ? makes no fucking sense
12/25/2021 c53 Mugen-Muse
Yeah, Kiba might need to do something besides evade.

On the bright side, the Governor General's plan appears to have been foiled. For now.
12/25/2021 c53 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
12/24/2021 c53 phillyitalian
We are slowly getting closer to the goal... BIG MOMMY MILKERS yeah BIG MOMMY MILKERS sing it BIG MOMMY yasaka.
11/25/2021 c40 Superjukes2

*turbo noises
11/16/2021 c52 1HalflingRunner
I am back my friend I went and got some training at some government office very slow and very informal work but as they say nothing beats learning while doing! Anywho great work can’t wait for more but don’t have an aneurysm trying to hatch out more plot babies go at your own pace till next time brotha stay strong!
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