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7/13 c1 20fvdv123
Ok, a very good start, but to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers to reach Kuoch? you must have been in orbit of the planet.
6/15 c38 5The Storm Master 567
From this story, he seems like a slightly more mature and intelligent Ichigo. He’s got a death of a family member that holds him back, power he hasn’t fully embraced yet.
6/14 c33 The Storm Master 567
The speech he gave reminded me of something Naruto would have said. Not that I mind as the guy had some good speeches just hope he doesn’t do that with every fight. The battle was good too. Issei and Daisku switching out when needed and helped in ways they could. That ending though…didn’t see that coming! Always wondered why that evil piece stopped mid way and hope to see the explanation.
6/10 c61 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to your next update.
6/10 c11 5The Storm Master 567
Since he’s got wind as the primary, could you give him some of the abilities from Avatar the Last air bender? The abilities were super cool and the thought of him just throwing out hyper compressed air with the ease as waving a hand is cool as hell.
6/10 c10 The Storm Master 567
Really liked that speech he gave Gasper. Hope it’ll make him braver and stronger than in cannon.
6/6 c61 SpartanKing J
Good chapter, but one of the main gripes I’ve had with dxd as a series, is the glorification of the master servant dynamic, cause to me, it’s just a bid of the old fossils to keep rising stars and powers in line while ensuring they remain under their thumb.

Also, I don’t know if you are planning to make this a plot point in character development, but Hanwei’s absolute refusal of killing might get him in trouble sooner or later. I’m not saying he should kill every enemy without mercy, as only sociopaths or edgelord would do that, but some people are too dangerous or have done too much to just be imprisoned or walk free. It’s similar to Sirzechs leaving some of the old Satan descendants to walk free, and then they end up causing trouble later on. If not for Issei going juggernaut in canon, shalba would’ve likely killed Rias and her peerage. Keeping dangerous enemies alive and expecting them not to do anything with that time is just asking for trouble, especially if they are fixated on hurting you in anyway possible. What exactly will hanwei do when he eventually comes across someone as twisted as rizevim?
6/6 c61 ArguableReader
So then, a bond stronger than friendship, but no greater than genuine love.

A bond literally in between true love, and true friendship, or as it is called,
Friend's with benefit's or, something like that, right?

Miho has his heart, plain & simple, but his mind is open,
to most 'anything' else, or something like that, right?

Now the first, REAL question is, will they be socially, emotionally, and financially,
functional, without relying on outside source's too much?

They have to be able to support themselves, without help from someone else,
or as the word is known, independence, being able to live for each other & themselves,
on their own terms, more-or-less.

While it is literally unheard of, there was genuine evidence of,
a real modernized harem, although it HAS, since then, drifted back, into obscurity.

It's PLAUSIBLE, but conventionally, unheard of.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it, and rias hasn't reached THAT level. just yet.

Hard working Men & Women, who make an honest living,
doing the job's that make civilized life possible, for the rest of us.

Everyone but rias is there right now, she's got a LITTLE more to go,
but I'm sure she'll get there...eventually...

Rias has to be willing, to crawl the likes of, a pig ben, a sewer, a murky swamp,
any place that would test her rich-girl mentality to Nth degree.

If she can do all that, there is doubt that she has, EARNED the name Gremory.

Sirzechs fought in a war, he EARNED his position, more-or-less,
while rias has just fought small out-of-nowhere-street fight's give or take.

Still though, to make it so that, Rias is genuine, you at least have to make,
a follow-up chapter for this, where her mentality is strained, up to the point,
that she'd be willing to sacrifice her prestige, if it meant her peerage,
her FAMILY, are well and truly cared for, under the name, of Rias Gremory,
regardless of social know?
4/29 c3 Guest
I would simply like to ask a question first, are you Chinese? Cause I fail to see why you’d put happy Chinese New Year in the author notes if you weren’t. Also I really doubt anyone in Japan would mistake him for being Japanese. You also said you’d delve into his appearance this chapter when all you’ve said is that he’s Chinese which is very vague. Then I just hate his name. Lastly I really hope you abandon his whole wanting to go home bitch fest. I’ve read so many SI’s and I’ve reached a point where that crap is annoying as fuck.
4/29 c2 Guest
I genuinely hope he isn’t just a one shot pony relying on his shit sacred gear. You could give him strong magical potential that he can boost with his sacred gear. Also which piece did he use, cause if issei took all eight pawns then I’m a little confused as to what piece he would take out of a knight, rook, or bishop. Rook seems to suit him most but I really hope he’s more then just a brawler cause that’s really boring.
4/29 c1 Guest
One thing I can’t agree with is the setting of picking up some random person and just dropping them into the fire immediately with zero time for them to grow at all.
3/20 c24 Guest
Hanwei is definitely gay so far.
2/13 c60 Aruz Uchiha
Just read your story from start to finish. Amazing work dude,
2/12 c60 3OechsnerC
Nice update. Looking forward to reading more.
2/11 c60 Mugen-Muse
Well, at least everyone seems to be having a good time. Sort of. Probably for the best that no one was around to take a picture of Miho while she was eating.
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